Your critical factor is the part of your conscious mind that allows or blocks information getting into your subconscious mind. It is the gatekeeper that allows information in that is reasonable and then becomes a part of how and what you believe, or if the information is not reasonable or logical it is rejected, perhaps to be visited again another day but more often not.

In hypnosis, the critical factor is largely bypassed and information is directly placed into your unconscious mind.  There is still a piece of the critical factor left even when under deep hypnosis, and it will reject information that is uncomfortable for the client to accept, or does not fit in, i.e. is not congruent.  Hypnosis is powerful in this regard and allows for rapid change to take place.  And that is good.

But did you know though that you are being manipulated every day by something as innocuous as your television or radio? And it is not only with advertising.

Even TV shows manipulate you, news items, politicians, charity adverts, movies.  They are all manipulating you all the time.  They are getting you to bypass your critical factor and just accept what is being transmitted.

Obvious examples are advertising, with say, a funny advert.  Bypassing your critical factor is easy when you laugh, as it is completely bypassed, you are having fun and then the message of the advert goes straight into your subconscious and you accept it wholesale.

Politicians, when they say something reasonable bypasses the critical factor, and you accept whatever it is they are selling that day. When a politician picks up a baby or wraps him/herself in the flag, it is to get you to bypass your critical factor and accept their message.  The flag evokes patriotism, a powerful critical bypass technique, or the baby, evoking powerful instincts within you.

Certain words evoke strong emotions and bypass the critical factor, such as the word ‘Change’, used so successfully in recent elections.

TV shows and movies, evoke pleasure or pain, and both of these emotions bypass the critical factor and whatever the message is of the show or movie is accepted by the viewer. I have noticed that with many ‘cop’ shows these days, enhanced interrogation (or torture) is used to get information, and it is usually balanced by a difficult morality, such as getting the information quickly will save countless lives.  By using this method we are being ‘programmed’ to accept torture as acceptable, at least under difficult circumstances.

I wonder how long it will be before torture is the ‘norm’ on these shows.

So guard your mind well, as there is a constant bombardment to get you ‘on their side’, to accept their point of view or even change your world view to make you accept things that would normally be abhorrent.