I love hypnosis, I am a hypnotherapist and have great fun changing people’s lives when I access their unconscious minds.  It’s great to get the immediate feedback when a client is seated in front of me.

There are a lot of hypnosis audios out there and I am sure that the authors really do put their heart and souls into making them the best they can be for their clients.

Here’s the rub, hypnosis audios suffer from a huge problem.  There is no feedback mechanism.

When I hypnotize clients I gauge how they are doing, is it a light trance, a deep trance or is their breathing irregular, their pulse fast, etc?  This gives me plenty of feedback to inform me about how deep the client is in trance and I can adjust my language so that I can bring them into deeper trance quickly.

Hypnosis audios cannot do this and the complaint I often hear is that the audio worked for a while then stopped working, and this happens surprisingly quickly.  This is because the client knows what is coming and the hypnotist cannot change the session to suit and keep it fresh.

A bit of a waste of money if you pay for the audio and can only use it two or three times before it loses it’s effectiveness.

Quantum Q-liminals are designed never to do this, although you can hear if you listen very carefully what is being said, it uses confusion and overload to achieve it’s goal.