We researched self-hypnosis and subliminal audios for years before making our decision on what to go for, in the end we re-wrote the book on self-improvement.

The stark reality is that self-hypnosis audios only work for a while.

Hypnotherapy is great, it works and works very well, but there is a but here…..

Hypnosis audios only work for a short period.  Let me explain.

When I hypnotize clients, it’s on a one to one basis and I can see the clients reactions to my suggestions.  I notice their breathing, the depth and the rate of breathing, eye cues such as movement, pallor of the skin, any twitching, signs that they are coming out of trance and most importantly what level of trance are they in. All of these are required when hypnotizing clients otherwise the session is not going to be successful.  Therefore, I can alter the session as required to get a depth of trance and get the suggestions embedded so that change occurs.

All of the above is where hypnosis audios fail.  They do not change according to the clients requirements.

That’s why we came up with a completely new way of producing audios, one that completely bypasses the critical factor (that part of the mind that stops unwanted information getting in and staying), does it immediately, and ensures that change happens at the deepest levels of the mind.

We’ll talk about subliminals and their failings in another blog but Quantum Q-liminals massively have greater advantages than subliminals do as well.  We have thousands of pieces of information going into the non-conscious mind in just a few minutes, with the Quantum Q-liminal Rapid Injections, and this means that change happens at a deeper level and is designed to happen fast.

When you believe at the deepest level that you have changed and you have an internal support system that agrees with you because of all the new information in there, then watch out for the new you, because it’s coming fast.

Quantum Q-liminals are designed to:

  • Change you fast
  • Change you permanently
  • Change the way you think about yourself
  • Support the new you
  • Help you to love the way you are
  • Become whatever it is you wish to be
  • Epigenetically change the way your genes express, your very DNA, so that you are literally a new you
  • Like who you have become
  • Feel great about you
  • Become the you that you have always wanted to become

Change is surprisingly easy we’ve found, but only once you have found the key to making those changes. How do we know? We have tested the audios on real people and they changed. We did too.