Shouldn’t we all be living peaceful lives?  Shouldn’t we all have inner peace?

If the answer is yes, then why do most of us not have it?

Will will-power give us peace?  If we decide to have peace using our force of mind, will it work?  The answer is sadly a resounding no.

Peace is a state of mind achieved only after we have resolved all desire or aversions in our lives.  Reading that last sentence would scare off most people.  Why? Because they want things, they are accustomed to wanting and desiring things. After all, our economies are based on desire.  And there lies the problem, we are being constantly by the media and ‘experts’, that tell us what we should have and want and so we end up with zero chance of ever finding peace in our lives.

Wants and desires are the product of an ego, and an ego is a survival mechanism in our minds that always sees danger at every turn.  An ego is always trying to protect us from starvation for instance and so wants us to buy food excessively. So on our shop we buy more than we will actually eat.  Same with clothing, we often buy more than we need.

I have previously shown how to rid ourselves of the control of the ego, by using the vacuuming method. Quantum Q-liminals also stop the control of the ego in those areas that need it.  They calm the inner voice down so that it is not so insistent and the inner talk is more positive.  So we end up with less desire for ‘stuff’ and more peaceful as a consequence.

So what’s stopping us from getting peace?  Actually, nothing at all.