There are many self-help audio’s on the market for you to choose from and it can be confusing as to which is the best for you. There are hypnosis audio’s, entrainment audio’s (tones or binaural beats), subliminal audio’s, self talk audio’s, affirmation audio’s, and so on, the list is long.

With all the existing technology around why would you want a new technology? The answer to that is every technology is eventually replaced with something that is more efficient and works better so would give you the results you need more quickly and in less time. This would mean that reach your goals more quickly.

Quantum Q-liminal technology is new technology, but, it is not so new that it has not been tested, it has, and extensively with real life people with real life problems. And the resounding result from 99% of our testers is that it works and it works and it works massively. (2 people in fact, had serious issues that require professional treatment).

All of the self-improvement technologies aim to do one thing, and that is to get inside the non-conscious area of your mind and implant those areas with new and empowering beliefs. That is all they do, simple really as a concept but it is much more difficult to achieve in practice.

Your non-conscious mind can process up to 11 million bits of information at any one time (I wonder who counted that up), and is extremely efficient at knowing what is going on externally and internally at all times. Your non-conscious mind holds the information about your beliefs and gives it to your conscious mind when needed. If you believe you are accident prone, it’s because you have that belief hard-wired in your non-conscious mind. And once it’s there it surprisingly persistent, and quite difficult to stop or let go of that belief.

Your conscious mind has a gate-keeper that prevents new ideas coming into your non-conscious mind, and this is exactly as it should be and this is called the ‘critical factor’ in hypnotherapy, otherwise you would collect 100+ new beliefs every day and end up somewhat confused about who you are.

Quantum Q-liminal technology is designed to bypass the critical factor immediately and start re-patterning your brain to break down old dis-empowering connections (we have neural pathways in our brains, and the more a pathway is used the bigger that pathway is), and forming new empowering, energizing pathways. This way you get new beliefs that work with you very quickly.

This is part one of two parts describing Quantum Q-liminal technology, part two will be up soon.

Part two to follow……..