Quantum Q-liminal technology is new, makes rapid changes to the brain and mind, is very easy to use and therefore you change quickly.

Why should you care?

You shouldn’t, unless it benefits you, and it does benefit you: massively

You may also be curious about why Quantum Q-liminals can make the changes you want over and above other (what you may consider) similar products.

So we are going to tell you how.

I’ll make an assumption. You are reading this today because you are unhappy with some aspect of you or your life. You desire change and you would like to change for the better as quickly as possible.

Quantum Q-liminals use the science of epigenetics to make those changes. Epigenetics is a relatively new science, about 20 odd years old officially, and is the basis for rapid and permanent change within each of us.

Epigenetics means above genetics, because it has been found that our genes are more influenced by our minds and emotions to a larger degree than the traditional fixed view of genes ever hinted at.

Literally, when we become emotional about something we release neurotransmitters, hormones and chemicals in our brains and bodies. These in turn go into your cells and re-write your DNA, your emotions change who you are, and when these emotions are negative then eventually you feel as if you are in a prison of negativity you cannot escape from.

So, if we can control our thoughts and our emotions we can literally change who we are. Trouble is, we are not very good at controlling our thoughts and emotions, we have an internal voice that is usually negative that chatters away, the Buddhists call this the monkey mind.

Our brains develop loads of connections called pathways, they are neurons in our brains which link up when we have these emotions and internal chatter. The more often we have these emotions about that emotional event then the bigger those pathways get.

When we have a mind that has many negative memories then we end up with a negative life for the most part. We become what we focus on. That’s why it is important not to be unduly influenced by things around you, the news for example, because if you take those emotions on board then you will release neurotransmitters and hormones that correspond with those emotions and you’ve just added another negative impact to your DNA.

Subliminal audio’s and hypnosis audio’s will break down those pathways so we that those memories no longer have an emotional impact in our lives. But their problem is they can be slow and based on our tests both subliminal and hypnosis audio’s, being last years technology are slow when compared to Quantum Q-liminals. They are not supercharged like Quantum Q-liminals are.

It’s the difference between a horse and cart and a Ferrari. Which one do you want?

Can we do things like re-grow limbs or change our eye color? Theoretically it may be possible to do that in the future but we are the baby stage of epigenetic development, so the first step is we have to clear our brains and minds from all the accumulated junk and fear based emotions that are in there.

Quantum Q-liminals get into the mind and do this rapidly, most people report a huge surge of energy in their heads when using them. This is the mind re-wiring the brain for change and success. This translates as old negative pathways in the brain breaking down, a different set of hormones and chemicals being released and your DNA being re-written. All without effort.

What this means is that you change. The rate of change depends on the amount of breaking down of the old neurons pathways and re-writing of the DNA that is required. So the more you listen to start with the faster those changes happen. I can say though that this is the fastest method we have come across for change, that’s why we had to re-write the book on self improvement, nothing else was good enough in our opinion.

We live in a world where everything needs to be done now, and we have pushed the boundaries of what can be achieved now. This means your transformation happens, not in months or years, but in days or weeks.