Quite simply the unconscious is the collection of everything you have ever seen, heard, touched or tasted all mixed up into beliefs, ideas and emotions.  The conscious mind can process about 15 items at any one time where the unconscious mind can process 11 million.  It’s capacity is huge.  It is generally regarded as being seated in the right hemisphere of the brain, but it also is in the r-complex and brain stem.

All of our life experiences inside the unconscious mind can make for some very weird beliefs.  A person might think that ice cream gives nightmares for example.  This sort of belief comes from the unconscious and is based on connections made in the unconscious mind, often we do not know even where these sorts of ideas come from.

There are some interesting qualities about the unconscious mind.  It does not understand the words ‘no’, ‘don’t’, ‘not’, etc. all the negative words.  So if you say to someone ‘Do not smoke’, it goes into the unconscious mind as ‘Do smoke’.  This therefore means with a Quantum Q-liminal such as the upcoming Smoking one, we cannot use that phrase, or any similar phrases, because it would cause the person to smoke more.

Emotions originate in the unconscious and all of our decisions originate there as well, so we had better make sure we have great connections in the unconscious mind.  It has been shown there is electrical activity in the right hemisphere before the left conscious hemisphere.  So if we have good information in the unconscious, we will make better conscious decisions, we have better desires and  better beliefs.

Resetting the unconscious mind with a Quantum Q-liminal is a great way to make progress in those areas of your life.  It breaks those old connections that hold people back and gives them a new set for success.

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