What is Emotional Freedom Technique?

It is a way of tapping on points on the body to rid yourself of past painful memories and it really works quickly.  I have used it on myself and others to cure past emotional events and I have seen it cure PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in minutes.

Here is the link:  EFT Home

Gary Craig is the originator of EFT.  There are tens of thousands of EFT practitioners in the world today.  It is free to learn and if you wish to go in-depth then you can pay for certification.  There is nothing stopping anyone using it in a practice setting to help others though without getting certification.  I know two ladies that use it on the internet to help people all around the world.

Each round of tapping takes about a minute to complete and you can rid yourself of past emotional trauma in one or more continuous rounds.  The trick is to focus on the trauma whilst doing the tapping.

EFT shows that there is a strong bond between the brain and the body and in fact emotions especially emotional trauma are not just kept inside the unconscious in the brain but are held in the body too.

In my next blog I will show you an improved method of tapping that requires no affirmations that I came up with, and trauma goes very quickly, even more quickly using my method.  This will be my gift to you all.