Debbie Nicholson, author and contributor talks about Quantum Q-liminals on her video blog.

Here is her commentary:

We each possess an unconscious that is low in energy and unless we stimulate that “normal” state, we are always just going to be “normal” individuals. And just what is a “normal” individual? A “normal” individual is someone who just wants to stay where they are:

They have no dreams,
They have no desires,
They have no goals,
They do not wish to step out of their comfort zone to improve their situation
They just want to be let be to just be.
Now that’s okay if you want to remain in this state of acceptance.

However, I know that those who are reading this blog do think very differently. These are the people who know that their lives are ruled by their unconscious thoughts and images, by the very basic cells of their bodies. They also know that they have very little control over this self-imposed rule UNLESS they consciously do something about it.

There is something out there now. Not long released after many years of research.

Mark and his team have successfully mastered digital recordings featuring multiple voices; demanding questions thrown at you through, behind and above these voices; each one recurring on levels beyond and underneath this constant chatter. Your own mind is provoked into using the knowledge stored in the unconscious mind to produce responses that instantly begin to direct your course towards that which you seek as your own personal desires. Call it magnetic. I know it is spellbinding. 30 minutes of total immersion into YOUR world.

Thank you Debbie, it was unexpected and very welcome.

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