I spent a year testing subliminal audios and I can report back to you that the best companies products really do work and they work reasonably well.  That’s on top of buying hundreds of subliminal and hypnosis audios since the 1980’s.  I was deeply into human potential and how fast we can change.

There are great subliminal audio producers out there and there are some great subliminal audios, they are well produced and do work pretty well given enough time.

But is that enough?

Just because they are the best of that technology shouldn’t we be asking if better technology was available then should we be using that to make faster changes, deeper changes, more profound changes?  Of course you know the answer to that already, when old technology is superseded by something that works better and gives better results then that’s what you should be using.  After all you want to change as fast and as well as you can, right?

Change happens in an instant, but getting to that point can take years.

You want change otherwise you would not be reading this and I’ll bet it’s been a long journey up to today.

When producing Quantum Q-liminals we had to re-write the book for personal change.  We had to do this simply because we were not satisfied with either subliminal or hypnosis audios.  We’ve written about the problems with hypnosis audios, so we’ll talk about the problem with subliminal audios here.

Subliminal audios are single tracks of affirmations generally, and we’ve ripped apart a lot of them to find out if there is even something there you can hear, even non-consciously.  Unfortunately many subliminal audios did not seem to have anything there, there were no voices, just the noise called the noise-floor in music circles.  Some did though and you could plainly hear the voice track and that’s great, but always just a single track.

So theoretically you could have a few hundred affirmations going into the non-conscious mind during the 20 or 30 minutes you had to listen for.  But that’s not so bad when you have some nice music or beach sounds.  It’s just finding the time to listen that can be the problem.

Our non-conscious minds can process 11 million bits of information at any one time

And that is the key, we thought why not bombard the non-conscious mind with thousands of particular type phrases and questions (ask a question to the non-conscious mind and it will give you answer, asking it special types of questions yields fantastic results).

And that is exactly what we have done, multi-tracks for the voices, sped up using special algorithms, special types of questions all yielding awesome results designed for rapid and permanent change and over 2,000 pieces of transforming information going into the non-conscious mind, with the Quantum Rapid Injections for instance.

We even tested these audios for months before putting them on the market using real people who desire change.  And they changed, even we were surprised by the rapid changes.

Quantum Q-liminals are designed to:

  • Change you rapidly
  • Change you permanently
  • You feel the changes at the deepest parts of you
  • Help you to create the life you want
  • Get you to like you
  • Make sure you are in control
  • Do it all safely

Is this something you can use?