When we look back on our memories, we tend to believe that they are real and we get some or all the associated emotions that go with them.  Many times if we look back on our memories, and they are not particularly pleasant memories, we get a lot of negative emotions along with the pictures, sounds and smells.

Is there a way to look back at memories and not get the overload of emotions?

First, let me ask, just what are memories, really?

Memories are past events, and they are not past events as they happened, they are past events as you perceived them, which is full of bias and distortions, and further distorted by the time from the event until the time you ‘remember’ them.  Therefore, memories are not factual, they are imagination.  They are the result of your imagination as you saw the event either at the time or later or both, both distorted. Additionally, all of those memories are now completely inside your head, and do not exist any longer.  They are imaginary now for all intents and purposes.

Why is this important?  Well, you are completely in control of your imagination and you can change what you imagine any time you like.

Realizing the events in your past are nothing more than imagination and being inside your head and nowhere else is the realization that by changing those events, i.e. your imagination, you can change the emotions that come with the memory. Put on a clown nose and shoes onto the figure that haunts your memories, add clown music as he/she talks, in other words, funny it up, make yourself giggle seeing the memory. In other words use your imagination, and have fun doing it.

Make your internal world and your past a great place to be.