Being overweight is not just a matter of over-eating, it’s mostly a matter of your bodies hormonal system.  Regardless of the nonsense that is being peddled in the media these days that a calorie is just a calorie and people get fat simply because they consume too many calories and it is nonsense because if that were true then eating 2,000 calories from salad would put on exactly the same amount of fat as eating 2,000 calories from chocolate.

No, the calorie is just a calorie metaphor is simplistic in the extreme and mostly a lot of nonsense.

Did you know for instance that people generally overeat because their bodies are compelling them too?  And why?  Because the body is starved of nutrients like iron or zinc or vitamin D and it’s trying to get it back into the body so that the body can start to work properly.  And when a body works properly the hormonal system works properly.

Our hormonal system sends these chemical messengers (hormones) to every part of the body to give that part of the body instructions, and it could be for hemoglobin to be made, the liver to speed up it’s work, or the body to speed up generally, and this is called metabolism. Hormones such as growth hormone tell a body to grow bones, muscles, everything at puberty.  Testosterone tells the body to become more manly, to grow facial hair, make the voice deeper, make the body more athletic.

So when the body has sufficient nutrients then the hormonal system works properly and even if you overeat your weight remains constant.

And what happens if the body is low on essential nutrients, well, the first thing that happens is that metabolism slows down.  The body tries to conserve it’s remaining resources.

Nutrients are simply energy pools in the body that have a certain frequency, magnesium has a different vibrating energy than calcium for example.  What if we could bypass the nutrients themselves and just start vibrating internally at the energy level of ‘Fast metabolism’ for example, the body has that memory because most of us when we were young had that very fast metabolism. We would then not be nutrient deficient either because our bodies would be vibrating at those nutrients vibrations.

It turns out we can.  To have a fast metabolism, lose weight, have abundant energy all we need do is use those energy vibrations to give us that. This may sound a little out there and woo, but it is based on sound scientific principles. (There is the understanding in science these days that the universe is a hologram, and that would include us being holograms as well, and if we are holograms then all we need is holographic energy because that is all we are, what appears solid is just energy fields colliding, ).

We can become healthy again and have a fast metabolism because……

There is also a huge psychological factor to having a fast or slow metabolism (our non-conscious minds control our holographic energy)

If we believe we are ‘big boned’ or have a slow metabolism then guess what, we end having a slow metabolism even if we have a body that is nutrient sufficient. When parents say these things to young people they cause that young person to internalize that information and believe it, and then things start to go wrong.

This is the science of epigenetics and the understanding of being in a holographic universe at work, or to put it another way, what you conceive, what you believe, is what you achieve. And this has never been truer as in having a peak working hormonal system and so having a fast metabolism.

Having a fast metabolism means having the right beliefs deep inside of you and this part is never addressed by the people selling products designed to make you lose weight.

You can take the products and lose weight but it will never be permanent because you do not have the right mindset, inside you still believe what your were told when young and so eventually you become over-weight again, simply because you do not believe you are a ‘thin’ person.  You sabotage yourself.