Weight loss can be hard to achieve and it takes a lot of willpower.  Then there’s the constant feeling that you are missing out on something and of course the constant feeling of hunger if you’ve been on the diet for any length of time.

Diets do work, at least for a while, but after the diet is over and you go back to the ‘normal’ foods the weight starts to creep back and pretty soon you start thinking about going on the diet again or trying a new one that’s just come out, which promises to be the best yet.

The best diets are those that get you to permanently change how you think of food and those are the ones that can help you to keep your weight down for a long time.  Current diets such as Paleo, Microbiome, low carb and detox diets fall into those categories, they may be just the diet for you in permanently managing weight.

But they still take a lot of willpower at least in the beginning, and willpower is a relatively weak way of doing anything, it comes from the conscious mind and is easily swayed by our rationalizations, and we can rationalize that black is white as humans if we need to.

Have you ever wondered why diets take a lot of willpower? It’s because the first time as a baby when we tasted sugar we were hooked on it for life.  We became instant addicts, and we are constantly fighting that addiction and most of the time losing to that addiction.

Sugar is the most addictive substance on this planet, forget heroin, crack cocaine and alcohol, the first mouthful of sugar ensured we were addicts and it would be a constant fight for the rest of our lives to stay healthy. Don’t blame your parents or carers, they did not have the information we have today, no-one really knew back then, although I suspect many guessed correctly.

Sugar is implicated in obesity, diabetes, heart disease, strokes, cancer and almost every other disease either directly or peripherally. We eat far more sugar now than at any other point in human history and it’s getting worse. The manufacturers know sugar is highly addictive, cheap and tastes great, so it is added to almost every processed food on this planet.

9 teaspoons of sugar will shut down your immune system for 12 hours (the amount found in a soda). It destroys good gut flora and allows bad gut flora to thrive, it feeds candida in the body, which is found in every cancer, it rots your teeth and stops you thinking straight as your blood sugar lowers 2 hours after having it, and it is heavily implicated in diabetes.

And eventually you get fat, and so the yo-yo dieting starts.

Starches are no better.  What is a starch?  It is 2 bound sugar molecules that become liberated in the stomach.  There is no difference in a slice of bread than that of sugar to our bodies.

Although this is not the only reason we become fat and sick, it goes a long way towards it.

Sugar substitutes for the most part, such as aspartame ans sucralose come with their own problems, aspartame is the number one source of complaints with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and airline pilots have been banned from drinking it eight hours before take-off because it affects the eyes so much. Aspartame based on independent research is pure poison.

Back to dieting, they are just not fun, and willpower collapses eventually, and we rationalize ourselves that just a little bit of what we like isn’t going to harm us and pretty soon we are back to eating the ‘normal’ foods again.

What if we could change the way we think of sugar so that we lose the addiction to it and starches? What if we became turned off from the thought of having sweet foods and drinks completely?

Would that work?

You bet it would.

So that’s what we did.

We produced and audio set designed to switch the brain and body off from the sugar addiction.  It’s called Quantum Q-liminals Stop the Sugar – Kill the Carbs and it is designed to do just that, switch off the addiction centers in the brain and in the DNA in the body.

Quantum Q-liminals Stop the Sugar – Kill the Carbs is designed