Our Users Group are having amazing results as reported in some of their comments.

Dr. Liliana has lost a total of 36 lbs on the BE THIN Audio and her cravings have disappeared entirely.

Pam has been using the BE THIN audio and has reported an exciting weight loss of 6.5 lbs her very first week!! She has also greatly benefited with the sleep audio as well, with reports of sleeping soundly through the entire night with only an occasional bathroom visit.

Another tester, Kimi in Michigan, has also had better and deeper sleep with the new V.2 version of the SLEEP audio. She has been on Ambien for 4 years and has now managed to use the audio in place of it.

Robyn has reported 7 lbs lost in 10 days!! Imagine her excitement!!

Bruce has tried different things for months to combat his insomnia. He has recently joined the Users Group with an intense interest in the SLEEP audio. He has found that using this audio has had profound changes in his level of sleep with deeper more relaxing sleep which he can only explain with a deep sigh of relaxation.

Edward H has used the BACK TO HEALTH audio on his father for pain and after one full day of listening has reported to be almost pain free!!

Stephanie has reported many recovered memories that she wasn’t able to access after 20 years after an accident.

Ben, our very own Webmaster has lost 28 lbs over 4 months with only having listened 5 times! He reports that he wasn’t aware of the weight-loss and didn’t change his diet or exercise.

Frannie reports better sleep, and a few pounds lost in the first week!

Caz has had great improvements in her self-confidence and as a yoga instructor has been able to have classes with lots of students with total confidence! She has stated that she no longer feels self-conscious in front of her class any longer and is loving her job. She says that she no longer feels uncomfortable with her body and doesn’t feel the need to kick herself about not having a perfect body.