…Or How To Detox Successfully!

Your mind is valuable, the most valuable thing you own, with it you can make yourself rich, happy, at peace, loved and loving and kind to strangers or you can use it to make yourself sick with worry, suicidal, fat, broke and loveless.

You are in control of your mind, 100%, both consciously and non-consciously, but it is the non-conscious part that can be the hard part to change.

Toxic Body

There are generally 3 accepted ways for people to become toxic. Those ways are nutritional deficiencies, chemical/heavy metal poisoning and pathogens (parasites, fungus, bacteria, viruses).

A sick body means that we do not feel good and our minds suffer, thoughts are cloudy, we’re tired and we forget things.

But there is a 4th way, and it is actually more important than the first 3 ways, and it’s a toxic mind.

Toxic Mind

I’m not talking about feeling angry although a toxic mind can have anger, but deep inside our minds we have programs or beliefs running that decide how and what we feel on a conscious level.

That part of our mind that has these programs running is called the unconscious or subconscious mind and it’s an amazing part of us. It stores everything we have ever seen, heard, thought, tasted, touched or felt and it houses our beliefs.

It allows us to run on automatic for a large pa