…Or How To Detox Successfully!

Your mind is valuable, the most valuable thing you own, with it you can make yourself rich, happy, at peace, loved and loving and kind to strangers or you can use it to make yourself sick with worry, suicidal, fat, broke and loveless.

You are in control of your mind, 100%, both consciously and non-consciously, but it is the non-conscious part that can be the hard part to change.

Toxic Body

There are generally 3 accepted ways for people to become toxic. Those ways are nutritional deficiencies, chemical/heavy metal poisoning and pathogens (parasites, fungus, bacteria, viruses).

A sick body means that we do not feel good and our minds suffer, thoughts are cloudy, we’re tired and we forget things.

But there is a 4th way, and it is actually more important than the first 3 ways, and it’s a toxic mind.

Toxic Mind

I’m not talking about feeling angry although a toxic mind can have anger, but deep inside our minds we have programs or beliefs running that decide how and what we feel on a conscious level.

That part of our mind that has these programs running is called the unconscious or subconscious mind and it’s an amazing part of us. It stores everything we have ever seen, heard, thought, tasted, touched or felt and it houses our beliefs.

It allows us to run on automatic for a large part of our lives and keeps us breathing when we are asleep.

If it were not there we would need to think about everything before we did it, and it would be impossible to get anything done during the day.

It allows us to learn, how to drive for example, and to store that skill so that we do not need to relearn it every time we get into the car.

All in all it’s a great part of our minds.

But there is a down side, we can end up with beliefs that run counter to our best interests or of those around us.

This is simplistic but let’s say for example, I decided that  smoking cigarettes improved my health then I would smoke and I may never fall ill, I say may because the mind can overcome any obstacle, including poisons as long as it believes it 100%, the moment we have doubts it all falls to bits.

So let’s continue the smoking example, let’s say I smoke and I 100% believe it is safe to do, and I feel healthy. But one day I see a government advert about the dangers of smoking and suddenly my belief’s shaken and now I start to worry about smoking and within weeks I fall ill.

Because our inner belief was no longer congruent with outer belief, we had doubt, and it is that doubt that created illness.

This happens often, ever heard of Voodoo, when a person hears he has a curse against him he invariably will fall ill or worse.

The placebo effect in medicine can give results that equal or even beat drug therapy because the person receiving the sugar pill 100% believes it works. There are many documented cases of that.

Some people will have a problem with the concept that the mind is stronger than what we eat, drink or smoke, but the science of epigenetics shows us that this is so. Our minds are more powerful that any drug, as Yogi’s have proven time and time again.

To paraphrase a well-known quote: What we believe is what we achieve. You’d better believe it.


Epigenetics is the science of us being in control of our genes and not our genes being in control of us, it shows us that our thoughts and beliefs change our hormone levels and amounts, neurotransmitters, enzymes and DNA all of the time, up to 98% of it according to Dr Bruce Lipton, the discoverer of epigenetics.

Here’s the Catch

The catch is we need to be able to change those deeply seated and held toxic beliefs, the ones that tell us we should not be healthy or that we should be fat and broke, but they are in a part of the mind that is not under our conscious control.

Ways to Change

Talking therapy such as psychodynamics do not work because all that’s ever engaged is the conscious mind and we need to get to the unconscious mind.

We can use affirmations and eventually some change will happen eventually, but not all we desire.

We can use hypnotherapy and that does work, and it works well, but the drawbacks are; it’s expensive and takes time and you need to travel to get there, but it is an awesome form of therapy.

We can use subliminal audios and they work well as well, but we tested most of the current crop a couple of years ago and many of them had no discernible voices even at the lowest levels after stripping out the sound effects, like music or beach sounds.

We are not saying that subliminal technology doesn’t work, it does, but many of the ones we tested had nothing even down to the noise floor.

Some did have voices, but the voices were really broken, you could not make sense of what was being said, the good news is the mind will make many of the necessary connections to fill in the blanks, but that leaves much of it to chance.

Finally some were excellent and if you were to use subliminals then go for the expensive ones as your subconscious mind can hear most of the words used.

You can use EFT, emotional freedom technique, and it is free, and it is excellent, so good in fact, I use it today with clients.

In fact it is so good, here’s a link to Gary Craig’s site, the founder of EFT: http://www.emofree.com/

The only drawback to EFT is getting rid of old beliefs can take a long time, weeks in some cases, but I have seen PTSD go in 1 minute using his method.

It’s all a matter of finding the right legs of the table to collapse to use his terms and once you do you can collapse the problem very quickly.

CTT or Past Life Tapping is an excellent and more targeted method of tapping, focusing more on finding those legs first before doing any tapping and has fantastic results, I did CTT for a year with George Duisman, the inventor of it. It is free as well, contact me for details.

Quantum Q-liminals

You can use Quantum Q-liminal products easily get rid of those limiting beliefs and replace them with empowering beliefs.

We produce Quantum Q-liminals and we write about them because they are the strongest and easiest method of change to date.

They are audios, using multiple voice tracks embedded into relaxing sounds, they are not subliminals, you can faintly hear voices, nor do they use affirmations, we discovered something much stronger after years of research.

But they do use human voices and they do get the deepest parts of the mind to rapidly change. We even produced a reversed version after researching reverse speech therapy because reverse speech seems to get to the deepest and earliest parts of our subconscious minds.

Rule of Thumb

Your minds are valuable, in fact the most valuable thing you own, but because of the way that this world is set up, with materialism being prominent most of us are at the whim of our unconscious beliefs and we have many toxic programs running.

But that does need to be the case, if you, like us, believe that we should care about what we think and therefore what we desire then we should be caring for our minds, clearing out the junk and feeling great about ourselves.

The rule of thumb is this: with anything we do in life whether it be dieting or winning a race at the Olympics the mind has to be in alignment with that otherwise at some point we will sabotage those goals.

That is guaranteed, you will sabotage your plans and your future unless your unconscious mind agrees with your goals.

So if we get our minds to help us in our plans and goals before we decide to do something then you have a much higher chance of succeeding.

Thank you for your time.