The more you can cultivate that sense of wealth, that sense of abundance in you, the more you can feel that sense of joy. The more easier it’s going to be for you financially.

Because you are not going to be in this scared, fearful mode. Now that’s not enough by itself, you can have this great sense of abundance and do the wrong mechanics and be a disaster, true or false?

But if I had to have an area to get you started with, you want to have the emotional, psychological strength because that’s going to carry you through when the mechanics are boring or frustrating or when things aren’t working out your emotion, your psychologies will carry you.

It’ll get you to keep doing it.

Everyone knows Dr Seligman, very famous for doing studies on optimism and in those studies, do you know what he found out? People who are pessimists are much more realistic, they’re much more accurate.

If you give them a test, and you ask them to look at something ask them to give you a size measurement of it or to evaluate their own success or failure in a task, and every study Seligmans done, through the University of Pennsylvania if I remember correctly originally. What he found was that optimists always see themselves as doing better than they really did, they basically BS’ed themselves.

What happens with pessimists is that they are 10 times more accurate, but here’s what he found out, what he found is because the people who are accurate never push themselves because they know it’s never going to work anyway, whereas the optimist sees it better than it is so they keep doing it, because they have the illusion they did well ‘Well I’ll do even better next time’.

And because of that optimism they did it more often and so optimists exceed at up 4 to 5 fold depending upon the task results ultimately beyond anything that the pessimist will do and they’re not as accurate.

All of that’s a big way of saying, if you can develop a psychology of resilience in yourself, you don’t have to be optimistic or fake you can be real, the realness is whatever shows up you are larger than anything that can happen to you. You are larger than any financial challenge you could ever face.

Initially, you’ll say, well, look at their houses, look at their homes, they don’t really have electricity, they don’t have this but, they don’t feel poor. It’s your identity, the way define the wealth determines whether you are wealthy or not.

So are there enough things for you, knowing that 2/3rds of the planet lives on $2 a day, that you could get yourself to really feel grateful, yes or no?

How much of your life do you get benefits from today that you never had to create?

Think about it.

Like I said the roads you ride on, the library, the books you didn’t have to write, the internet you can access in seconds and get answers to just about anything.

The people in your life you didn’t have to raise that are there for you.

Think about all of the different aspects of your life, if you want be wealthy all you have to do is associate.

So before we do the financial part, because financial independence is different than wealth. Wealth is that state of mind, financial independence is being in that position where you don’t ever have to work again.

That if you work you do it because you really want to.

Now I’ll give you a clue; if you get financially independent and you don’t work you’ll be miserable.

I can’t tell you how many friends I have that sold their company, made $50 million, one man made almost a billion dollars and was really excited for a while, but after a while was like bored.

His vehicle his business gave him, gave him a sense of contribution and he was always growing, figuring out how to solve problems and yet all of the people he’s connected to in the business, all of the employees, and friends and associates, I wanna tell you, I’m not just saying this as some little positive thinking technique, I’m telling you this is the secret, the real secret, to shift it inside of you and add the real value.

Most people are trying to pursue something in the future that they already have.

I want you to think of what it is you think you want that will make you wealthier financially free.

By defining the game in a winnable way, a certain amount of money that we meet and that covers what we are going to call financial security, which might be your housing, your cars, your food and basic entertainment.

How many would feel rich if you didn’t have to work, if your investments alone, your income from your investments, the income, covered those 4 items? Your housing for the rest of your life, your food, right, your travel and some entertainment.

How many people would feel pretty good? Say I.



Is Unlimited wealth easy?