We have many ways to become more emotionally healthy and balanced these days.  We have NLP, hypnotherapy, EFT, CTT, subliminal audios, Quantum Q-liminals and Quantum Rapid Injections and they are all good in their own way. They are proven to work and some such as the q-liminals, rapid injections and CTT are very powerful, even more so than their earlier counterparts such as NLP and to a large degree hypnotherapy.

Some are ‘portable’, i.e., you can do them on the go but some are not, and they all require varying levels of commitment to achieve.  And they do free us emotionally and therefore physically in fantastic ways that will change your very being.

We are hypnotherapists and NLP practitioners, and have found that some of the newer methods give faster results so very often will send a client away with a Q-liminal audio or conduct past life CTT with them.  It’s very rewarding to see a client return after a week and notice huge changes in them. Happiness is infectious.

We have been studying psychology and the brain for decades and are always looking out for newer faster ways of helping people.  And we think we have found it.

It’s a simple phrase that you say when you are criticizing, judging, comparing yourself to others or having negative thoughts or past memories.  In fact it seems to be a cure all for almost everything in our lives, emotionally and eventually physically that is.

When the mind is at peace the body follows and usually very quickly so we expect many conditions, complaints and illnesses to clear right up along with being a truly happy person.

We have been practicing it on ourselves and a few other people are also doing it with fantastic results, and the best thing is it’s use anywhere and it is free.

So what is it?

It is the phrase: ‘I forgive myself’.

Here’s how it works.  Anytime you find yourself in the midst of a negative emotional event such as criticism, judgment, past memories, negative thoughts or anything else that is harmful to our emotional well being then say the phrase ‘I forgive myself’, out loud if possible or shout it out to the universe in your head if you wish, it seems to work either way.

Because this is new, so to speak, you may find that saying it softly in your head works well for you.

So what happens?  For us and the others using this method, a weight seems to lift from the chest area after using the phrase.

How does it work?  Every-time you judge, criticize, have negative thoughts or compare yourself to others your body releases chemicals that align with the negativity, so your adrenal glands will release adrenaline and cortisol, both of them terribly aging to you.  Also, you reinforce the neuronal pathways in the brain that correspond to the particular negativity and it becomes an ingrained pattern that is hard to break.  In other words, thinking yourself out of the negativity is rarely successful.

There is an first phase of perhaps 15 minutes to an hour where saying the phrase appears not to do very much, you feel something but it is not massive yet.  Get through that and you change for life.