This is a very important video.  Big Pharma and government have used us as guinea pigs and injecting us with live viruses, purposefully making us sick so that we spend trillions on trying to get well. HIV/Aids, flu, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, thyroid disease, MS, mononucleosis, alzheimers,  in fact anything that is a so called ‘modern disease’ is being caused by the addition of live viruses.

We are talking about additional viruses that we are not informed of. We are being killed off in the name of profits.

Dr Tent talks about certain nutritional supplements to help to prevent these viruses activating.

We can take that further and say that we know of and use substances more that absolutely do kill off viruses, such as iodine (without vitamin C when you take it), I will write about these on the next blog.  Most of our lives has been in the pursuit of researching health, both physical and mental health, and because of this research we can add tremendously to the arsenal that is at our disposal.

Whilst you are on have a look at our audios that really work to heal many areas of our lives.

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