Video Testimonials

Hi Mark,

I would like to give a testimonial. I have loved this audio and I found it so helpful to changes my attitudes towards money here what’s happened since I started listening :

• After shopping at Pound land I received more change than I was supposed to from the self-service machine
• I found a £20 note ( I never find money and if I do it’s not more than 20p)
• I am putting money aside for the 1st time ever
• I make 1.5% on my money daily trading on automation
• I am very positive that my finances will improve
• I started a very fruitful money manifesting course
My mind-set is now one of abundance

Kind Regards

Christina Ayoola

I would like to tell you that I am really surprised by how fast it works ! Yesterday I had the file on study genius in the background and I stayed several hours focused on my paper to write ! I thought it would take 3 to 4 weeks but it was in fact at the end of the first session.
At the middle of the session there was some kind of buzz in my head but now it is fine. I will test also the one on confidence because I have to some public speaking at the end of November, I will take this fear !!
All the best

Hello Mark :D !!,  I attach some screenshots of casino winings while listening to the audio ultimate luck q liminals. If you want, please you can post these original screenshots from my PC in your quantum q liminals testimonials:

And only I can say is “no words” to describe results and also the results are “positively extreme” and originals.

One casino is in 650 USD and other casino in 8864 ARS (Argentine peso) my country currency. I want to get more people to know this product is fantastic!. I will withdraw the winnings and purchase more quantum q liminals. I am searching the way to transfer to my new paypal and purchase more obviously.

Also my attitude is very positive, I myself consciously say, “it is amazing how I was changing in such a short time”, and before I thought there are things that were not going to change so easily.

Nothing compare to these quantum q liminals :), This really start.
Thanks Mark!.

Hello mark :D I want to still thank you because you give me the audio of ultimate luck, I still using it obviously and good things happen, is like magic mark really!. I mean I have tried other audios of great youtube channels but not getting bigger results like quantum q liminals, and i will tell you that when I play for example one casino slot the big wins appears very easily :) and negative thing disappears and also I feel lucky.

And mark. There is also an effect with the positive energy that my face appears more cute?. I have 18 years now and these are amazing results

Also sorry because the anxiety and ignorance in the first emails when I started listening to the audios, you know.. xD.


I am pleased to give a review for the ‘Manifest Money’ audio… After years of being in an IVA and after losing our house, financial pressures also lead to my husband and I divorcing. I’ve been renting ever since and a single Mum to two children. Money has been tight and even though I freelance as a Designer, I still rely on top-up benefits to help us live.

I got this album a bit before my Landlord said he needed our house back just three weeks ago, and suddenly, I started listening to this audio day and night!!! I found myself having to find nearly £2000 for fees, deposit and advance rent.

Well, i’ve done it! And I almost can’t believe it, but it’s true. The council have agreed to pay the advance rent, a friend has lent me more than enough to cover the deposit and people who owed me money are suddenly paying me back. Not only this, I’ve just been accepted for a place on an Illustration Degree at my local Uni (I start in September), got the house I wanted, (we move in end of April 2016), and work is rolling in. Just this past week, I have made £800…. All I can say is thank you to your products because that is the only thing that I’ve changed in my routine.

I am also listening to the De-Cluttering one too as we move out in 3 weeks today!!!! Eeeeeeek!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

From Sarah Shore, Newton Abbot, Devon, United Kingdom.

I’ve been unwell with a chest problem for nearly 4 weeks now and by the third week I was feeling very fatigued especially when I exert my self and the antibiotics were not helping with the fatigue.

I was due to go back to work so I used this audio all over the weekend – after a while I could literally feel this audio fighting off what ever was going on and I began to feel lifted and more energetic, cleaner inside, and my sleep is better with much fewer nightmares.

It is a wonderful feeling and knowing it is doing so much good and more.

OMG!!! this really works!!! I started listening to these 2 weeks ago and today I received an unexpected bonus at work.

This is so cool thank you.

I never buy lottery tickets but bought a scratch card yesterday and won £750.00. It may be this audio or the luck one that I bought at the same time but I’ve only been using them for a few days and I do feel different as if I expect money to come to me. Let’s hope there’s more on the way.

It’s quite an experience feeling that money is heading toward me and then having it land on my lap. I made a large sale last month and I have just been paid for it. The sale I made with a large retailer seemed really easy and so have the sales I’ve made since then, everything just seems to be falling into place, even my boss has taken me out to lunch a couple of times and wants to know what’s happened to me. I told him I found my groove and it’s because of these audios. He’s looking at them now for the whole team.

I purchased the luck, genius, sales and this audio package and I really feel different, more together, confident like the worlds mine now. I’m purchasing more today and wanted to say your products are awesome!

I still don’t believe it so I thought I’d let you know I was offered my dream job working down in the Caribbean working with an exclusive charter company yesterday.

I have been after this job for months as Senior Master but after my interview some months ago I did not get it. I received the call yesterday, they want me. Is it these audios? I don’t know but I feel lucky, have done for weeks and that I do put down to these audios.

Thank you!

A family member reported to me that she had an amazing experience recently when she was out with her partner who likes to gamble in the arcades now and then; she had a go and was overcome by a deep feeling of inner peace and calm, and all negativity banished.

All of a sudden, the machine just kept paying out and she had a distinct knowingness that she and this machine were intertwined and that her energy was somehow causing the machine to act this way.

She said she felt invincible and nothing could penetrate that wonderful bubble of peace … it then dawned on me, that since this family member can be quite moany and negative, that she had been around me alot whilst I played the Q-liminals (Money and Laughter mainly), I could not help but attribute this experience to them…

I feel different and I have this feeling that something big is about to happen.

I will continue to listen everyday.

I’ve been doing the be thin Q-liminal: Since listening my sugar cravings have definitely subsided, I no longer have the urgency to eat something sweet.

My appetite doesn’t seem to have changed much but then again it was never great (sugar was my weakness)!

An odd thing has happened also….I seem to care less about my weight lol.

This is a wonderful freedom for me; gone is the self-loathing about my body.

In fact I had the funniest thought that I am alright and everyone else is obsessed about weight….even slim people (they are) lol…

The other odd thing is; I look different…I like what I see…you’ve more chance of extracting my blood than you have of extracting this Q-liminal Mark!

I have been using the Thin audio for about a week. I have lost 3 pounds, but to me that is not the important part.

I feel so much better, it feels like my body is changing right before my eyes! I look in the mirror and can see changes that I like!

I am a faithful listener as I listen a minimum of once a day, sometimes when time permits, I listen twice.

I know that soon the weight will start to drop off without me even trying!

That’s the part I am excited about! Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!

The FIRST time I used it (Saturday), I noticed a huge difference….I didn’t want anymore Easter Candy and actually put some jelly beans back in the bag that I had poured into my hand.
I also noticed that I made CONSCIOUS decisions to chose better food the rest of that day.

I have started a new eating plan and the weight is falling off and it is the Be Thin that gives me the SUPPORT I need to do it….


My friend is also struggling and called me this morning to complain about the scale and I told her how well it is working for me and she is ordering hers today!

Gotta run….having lunch with Dad and Sister at PF Changs and I chose them because I could make healthy choices there…won’t even look at the menu…I did it online before I made the reservation….lettuce wraps and soup! YAY

I was told by one of my Skype friends Debra that Mark has interesting audios, the one that especially interested me was that one for losing weight.

I have to admit that I was desperate. I have been gaining weight in the last 12 years, after a bad emotional experience and I found out that the weight was the way to protect me from BAD MEN.

Although I was dissatisfied because I was alone… I felt empty and I felt also very heavy. It’s not easy to move all that weight around….

I stated listening to the audio 10 days ago… everyday. Something changed.. really …. I found myself not thinking anymore of the food.

Before, my thoughts were what to eat and especially sweet food.

Now I go to the supermarket and I buy only essentials, my bill is also smaller as I buy only the food I really need…. I lost in 1 week 7 kg…. and I continue listening to the audio … every day. I am happy now.