Laughter therapy or laughter yoga is massive in countries like India.  Its been used for thousands of years to release stress and promote good health.

We’ve extensively looked at subliminal audios and found that although they work they may not make you laugh out loud, and sometimes we just want to laugh out loud, and in the process of laughing we have found that releasing of old energy takes place inside the body.

In other words when you laugh you let go of old negative emotions, emotions that may be holding you back and holding you down and stopping you moving forward with your life. Old pathways in th brain break down and new empowering connections are made.

Laughter we have found is amazing, it sends a mixture of ‘happy’ chemicals throughout the body and re-writes your DNA and literally changes who you are.  It changes the way you feel about yourself and how you see yourself.

Take a look at this short video on laughter therapy or laughter yoga as it’s called:


As you can see it has left India and is on it’s way to a place near you soon.

We have always admired laughter yoga but did wonder how far you could take it on the way to completely releasing. Our thinking is this, if we could laugh (internally or externally) at the most dire circumstances of our lives would we not be released? Is that not the definition of being released?

It is, laugh while the world around you is doing the opposite and you will have completely released yourself.  This makes laughter incredibly powerful given the right motivation.

With that in mind and after a lot of testing with real people we have a new Quantum Q-liminal called Laughter All Life Long.

One of our testers Sarsha in Australia had this on very low through speakers while she worked.  Her grandchildren who are quite young paid a visit with their mum and within a few minutes both were laughing uncontrollably, their mum was telling them to stop laughing but they couldn’t.

Children have less connections made from painful experiences in life, so it makes perfect sense that they would be affected very quickly, in other words there are less barriers in a young mind to laughing as much as you want to.  Adults have conventions, painful memories and the memories of adults telling them not to enjoy themselves, so it does take a while in adults.

With testing we have found that it generally takes a few weeks for an adult to really have this laughter going on internally and then to want to laugh out loud. But go with it because the most wonderful thing happens.  Suddenly you find that what used to make you anxious does not anymore, what used to tie you up in knots does not seem such a big deal anymore.

In other words you begin to release and to release massively

Imagine finding life funny and enjoyable? Dare we do that?

We do dare, and so we should, in fact we must if we are to life lives as they should be, free and on our terms. Life should be enjoyed and lived to the full with love, courage and honor.

Laughing our way through life will get us there, double quick.

We thank Nat for her persistence in asking for this audio, it turns out to be the most powerful of all.