This is one of those life changing talks that only come along once in a while. Kelly McGonigal gives a TED talk about stress and it is awesome.

We have a 43% greater chance of dying from stress than if we did not have stress in our lives.

But here’s the thing, that figure is only true if you believe stress harms you. If you can handle stress or even thrive under pressure then your chances of dying are the same as those without stress.

It gets even better, most of us have heard of the love hormone called oxytocin.  It is in fact a stress hormone that heals your heart and when you feel loved and appreciated even when under stress lot’s of oxytocin is released to heal you.

As we have always said and is proved by the science of epigenetics your mind does control your health.

You could say that loving stress loves you back.  Enjoy this video.