What if I told you it is easy to quit smoking and you can do it today? What if I told you that stopping smoking was as easy as sitting down and listening to some relaxing sounds?

What if you could do all of this and not have any cravings?

If you are a smoker as I was in my teens you realize that those cravings never really leave you, they are always there waiting in the background, waiting for a moment of weakness or when you have had a glass or two of wine or beer and bam they pounce and suddenly you would sell your grandmother for a cigarette at that moment.

There is a bit of artistic license in the above statement but most ex-smokers know the feeling of having a sudden urge to smoke come on and many times for no reason.

I know that the idea of being a slave to those feelings creates quite a bit of anxiety as well.

Treatment for Smoking Addiction

Mainstream science and the health services do offer ways to stop nicotine addiction. There are pharmaceutical drugs you can take such as Chantrix that do work about 4-50% of the time.

A friend of mine Steve used them and he did stop smoking but he was also awake all day and night for 3 weeks because insomnia is a major side effect of Chantrix.

You could try e-cigarettes (ecigarettes), they work for some people as you gradually wean yourself off nicotine.

If you are lucky you could get some form of psychological therapy from a doctor such as bio-feedback or mindfulness and their success rate is quite high.  The problem is it’s hard to get these types of therapies, invariably you are offered drugs first.

There are some other ways you may be offered help in quitting tobacco addiction such as nicotine patches, antidepressants, clonidine and talking to someone but the success rate on most of these therapies is quite low and with drugs such as varenicline there is a warning in place about increased risk of suicide. Not too good then.

Generally good practical advice is given, such as don’t go into the places that you would smoke before, such as the same bars or other places where you would normally light up.

Some advice given is to not keep with the same smoking friends if you can, as they will just remind you of smoking, and this is a hard choice because your friends are your friends, whether they smoke or not. Not really helpful for most people.

Other Ways to Quit Smoking

You can go cold turkey, and many people do successfully give up that way, but for most people it will not work.

Other ways to give up smoking, such as hypnotherapy do work, but it can be costly and normally involves multiple sessions.  Addiction is a hard nut to crack in hypnotherapy, but with a good hypnotist it can be done relatively painlessly.

Other ways to give up include using stop smoking hypnosis CD’s but these fail a lot of the time. The reason being that in a hypnotists office the hypnotist will change their methods to get you into a deep trance state, they will look for eye watering, breathing patterns and other signs of relaxation and will use whatever methods they can to get you as deep as required.

But hypnosis CD’s never change, they never alter and after a couple of listens you can start anticipating what is going to be said next. And of course this breaks the hypnosis.

Stop smoking subliminal audios can work well, and there are some great makers of those audios out there, unfortunately from our experiments of ripping the audios down to their lowest levels and trying to find any voices most are a waste as there are no voices there. We found through doing this that about 10% were good and did as advertised but most did nothing, even when we put them to the test with some of our testers.

EFT (emotional freedom technique, a form of tapping) can be used to quit smoking and it can work well, and best of all it can be done for free.  Many times you will need the help of an EFT specialist when dealing with addiction.

The one thing that all quitting therapies have in common, even with drug therapies and this is rarely discussed, is that unless your mind is in agreement that you really want to quit then any therapy will not work, period, at least not for long.

Your mind needs to want to quit, you need to want to quit and quit right now

I found that when I quit I was lucky I was able to quit quite easily, I just stopped the looping of wanting a cigarette in my head and I was done.

But months or even years later the feeling, the desire of wanting a cigarette would hit me for no good reason and sometimes when I was out with friends and having a drink. And even thirty years later occasionally the feeling would come over me without any reason I could find.

So what can be done out of all of the therapies to give up smoking for good, also do it at home, so that it is very convenient to do, also does not cost much money when compared to smoking a pack a day and ensure there are no cravings ever again?

It’s a tall order and most methods fall short in some way.

What needs to happen?

Our conscious mind (our willpower), is ineffective at quitting smoking simply because that is not where our desire to smoke is held.

Our desire to smoke is held in our non-conscious minds, or sub-conscious minds, also known as subliminal minds.

And if you have tried to give up smoking by willpower alone then you would know just how bad the conscious mind is at quitting, at least for most people.


The science of epigenetics provides the answer.  Whenever you change your mind (I’m talking about your non-conscious mind, not your conscious mind here), then your body will produce neurotransmitters, hormones, enzymes, in fact thousands of chemicals in your body that go through it and change you to align with your new beliefs, in fact even your DNA gets rewritten in millions of areas, you literally change physically because you changed mentally.

Epigentics shows us that change at your deepest mind is permanent because you get rewired.

You could of course go back to your old habits, and this happens a lot when you haven’t made all of the changes necessary in your non-conscious mind such as happened to me when I went cold turkey, there was still some parts of my mind not changed and so all of the DNA re-writing had not been done yet.

But even going back feels different, there’s a part of you that keeps saying that this no longer is a part of you. And that is a source of anxiety and guilt.

Change all that needs changing in your subconscious mind and your DNA gets re-written properly and going back becomes impossible, because you have become a different person.

That’s what we do at Thriving Audios.

Quantum Q-liminals

We had smoking testers and of course I occasionally had bouts of wanting to smoke even years later.

I used the audios a few times and I’ve not had the desire to smoke at all.  In fact I can be next to smokers and not feel the desire to smoke, something I never had before.

I even surprised myself at how effective these audios were, I felt free for the first time in years, no longer a slave to wanting to smoke, and so did our testers, smoking was history.

Our testers had the same effect.

We shouldn’t really be surprised, we have fantastic successes coming into us regularly, showing just how Quantum Q-liminals change lives, and quickly.

Quantum Q-liminals Stop Smoking Now really do work powerfully, in fact we had a look at all of our competitors we could find recently and none of them came close to using the technology we use or getting as deep as we do, so in fact in reality we have no competitors.

When dealing with the non-conscious mind you really need to know how it works and more importantly, how to make the changes needed to make change permanent.

It took us over 50 years of combined research to get here, and we did it, we would like you to share in that, make the changes you need in your life easy and quickly and above all safely.

We know you will love these products and even better than that, we know you will love the changes you will make to yourself.


Kyle Davidson

I gave up even desiring cigarettes after one listen. These audios are awesome. I have used the audios irregularly since quitting about a week ago but seriously I have no desire to start again.

Lori White

This audio is really great! I have not had the urge for a cigarette in 4 days now.


Well that was easy, I’ve gone from 20 a day to none at all in just a few days. I tried a cigarette this morning and it made me feel ill.