And why most people feel as if they have failed at life.

Being excellent at sales is no easy thing, it can take years of improving the process and improving yourself, but is there a shortcut? Today we’ll find out.

My Early Sales Career

I remember clearly my first day doing sales, I was a good talker and could talk facts and figures well with anybody but I was not what you would call a natural salesman. I was not confident in my ability, I lacked that spark, at least that’s how I saw myself.

My first sales appointment was at 10am on a Tuesday I remember and the bathroom was used a lot before I had to go off and start ‘selling’. My heart was in my mouth and I was very conscious of  everything, I felt awkward, but also excited.

The appointment went quite well, I remember asking myself as I was talking whether I had enough information to give to the client. And before I knew it, the appointment was over and I was heading back to the office.

When I arrived back, my boss was very pleased, the client had phoned in an order for us, a small tester order but an order nonetheless.

I was overjoyed, but also full of doubt, why hadn’t he given me the order then and there?

I had been given no official sales training other than telephone sales training a year or so before, but from now on my quest was to become a great salesman.

What I Did To Become a Great Salesperson