And why most people feel as if they have failed at life.

Being excellent at sales is no easy thing, it can take years of improving the process and improving yourself, but is there a shortcut? Today we’ll find out.

My Early Sales Career

I remember clearly my first day doing sales, I was a good talker and could talk facts and figures well with anybody but I was not what you would call a natural salesman. I was not confident in my ability, I lacked that spark, at least that’s how I saw myself.

My first sales appointment was at 10am on a Tuesday I remember and the bathroom was used a lot before I had to go off and start ‘selling’. My heart was in my mouth and I was very conscious of  everything, I felt awkward, but also excited.

The appointment went quite well, I remember asking myself as I was talking whether I had enough information to give to the client. And before I knew it, the appointment was over and I was heading back to the office.

When I arrived back, my boss was very pleased, the client had phoned in an order for us, a small tester order but an order nonetheless.

I was overjoyed, but also full of doubt, why hadn’t he given me the order then and there?

I had been given no official sales training other than telephone sales training a year or so before, but from now on my quest was to become a great salesman.

What I Did To Become a Great Salesperson

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I bought books, I bought CD’s and videos of how to sell, how to be confident, and of course Dale Carnegie’s obligatory ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’.

I bought self hypnosis CD’s, books on hypnotherapy, and eventually learned NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to master practitioner level.

I swallowed it all up wholesale, I left nothing to chance, I spent years learning sales and about psychological principles of selling and the self.

I especially loved about overcoming objections and the closing process and became very good at both.

Sales Confidence Tips

Confidence in sales comes from two primary areas.

The first is to know your product and to know the customers company, if you do not get these right then you will come across as not caring about either and your client will not buy from you. So learn everything you can about the products you sell and before sitting in front of your client learn all that you can about their company and them if you can.

The second area is you, you represent your product, in fact you are your product because your prospect is going to buy from you, and you had better come across as confident and reassuring otherwise he/she will buy from the next salesperson.

But not too confident, strike a balance.

Area number 1 is learning all about your product and area 2 is about learning about you, and correcting any shortfalls.

Area 2 can take a lifetime to get right and many people feel disappointed about their lives when they get older.

Sales defined in Wikipedia

Not Correcting Your Flaws Is Your Biggest Sales Barrier

As I mentioned above, I bought every CD, book, audio, video and talk I could on sales and self improvement.

I learned a lot in a short time, but for me it always felt as if there was something missing. I was never entirely confident about me.

How to Gain Confidence

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I spent years learning hypnotherapy, psychology and NLP mainly because I desired the sort of confidence that you see in successful people.

Little did I know that people saw me as very confident anyway…a little feedback would have been great.

I hypnotized myself daily for years, at least 5 years straight, in the mornings before work, in the car before an appointment and at night. I learned hypnotherapy to a professional level and eventually started a successful business in hypnotherapy.

I used NLP on myself and others around me and I loved it. It was scary how easy it was to change peoples minds.

Gaining confidence in yourself is all about a feeling, and that’s the clue. Confidence is about changing your mind, getting that feeling of knowing you are confident inside of you permanently.

Ways To Feel Confident

You can spend years making yourself feel confident so you can become great at sales.

Some of the many ways to shortcut things are below:


You can go to a hypnotherapist, and after some or many sessions you may walk out with a permanent feeling of confidence. Hypnotherapy is great and when you go to a good hypnotherapist you are getting your monies worth.

Hypnosis Audios

You can try hypnosis audios, but my advice is, don’t. After listening a couple of times you begin to anticipate what is going to be said next and this breaks rapport and any possibility of getting into trance. I have spent thousands of dollars buying and listening to hypnosis audios and I could have saved my money.

The difference between hypnotherapy and a hypnosis audio is that the therapist can anticipate your level of trance and can change things to easily get you deeper, an audio cannot do this.


Awesome, and if you get a good practitioner you will change and sometimes surprisingly quickly. Look around, there are some very good practitioners out there who will give you value for money.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

I teach this and variants of it to people and it is very very good. It take less than a minute to do a round of tapping and best of all it is free.

Gary Craig is the inventor of EFT and here is his website: Emotional Freedom Technique

As he says tapping is the cutting down of the table legs of emotion that keep us stuck where we are now.

Learn EFT, it is one of the best therapies.

Subliminal Audios

These are great with one proviso. Before we embarked upon making our products we looked at all of the current change technologies, purchased hundreds of recordings and broke them down into their smallest parts.

We found that many of the subliminal audios had no trace of words being spoken even when we traced down to the noise floor of the medium CD, DVD, audio). That was disappointing to us.

A few stood out as being good and my suggestion is buy the top end expensive subliminal audios as those definitely had something going on at very low levels.


What salesperson or person even has not stood in front of the mirror repeating how great they are.

It doesn’t work, much, it would take months or years to make permanent change.

And here’s why.

The Unconscious Mind

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Our emotions and beliefs are held in our unconscious minds, not in our conscious minds and gaining access to the unconscious in order to change is just not easy to do.

All of the above therapies are designed to go into the unconscious mind and make changes.

But our unconscious mind has a gatekeeper, stopping unwanted information getting in.

In hypnotherapy this is called the Critical Factor and it stops the flow of information into the unconscious.

In fact if it were not there we could not possibly navigate today’s world, as information is coming at us continually and faster than at any time in human history.

By about age 7 we stop taking in most new information, in other words our personalities for all intents and purposes are finished at that age

From age 7 onward we let very little in that would change ‘who we are’.

This is why we need some method or technique to be able to pass-by the critical factor and rewire the bits that need rewiring.

Quantum Q-liminals

I’ll admit right up front, we produce and make Quantum Q-liminals.  We spent years researching current technologies and discovering new ways to easily by-pass the critical factor.

And we did it, now it’s possible to literally change the way you feel in minutes.

Quantum Q-liminals are audios, they are not subliminal audios because we improved upon that, and they are time compressed and multi-tracked. You have a lot of information coming at you fast.

In a few minutes you will have thousands of bits of information placed directly into the unconscious mind, and because the unconscious mind accepts whatever gets into it, change happens fast.

Did you know that the unconscious mind can take in and process 11 million bits of information at any one time?

Quantum Q-liminals do not use affirmations, we discovered something much more powerful.

Using the science of epigenetics we discovered a foolproof way to get the right information in to the unconscious mind very quickly to make the changes necessary.

We took the original 30 minute recordings and compressed them down to 10 or 15 minutes in length using special algorithms, because lets face it, none of us have the time we need these days, we are rushed off our feet, so anything to save time is always welcome.

Quantum Q-liminals are entirely different than anyone else’s products out there today.

You will not find a similar product, anywhere.

We understand the process of change and if you want to become that super salesperson you always dreamed of becoming and earn those mega-bonuses then there is no other product you should use.

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