According to Dr. Joe Dispenza the quantum model of reality is that our subjective mind has some affect on the our objective reality.

Spontaneous remissions from health conditions is called the placebo effect. We have all heard about the placebo effect as the blind or double blind studies where groups are given a sugar pill in place of the drug being tested to monitor the results as to the effectiveness of a drug. The placebo effect is when a percentage of the people taking the sugar pill get well.

Placebo Effect with Knee Surgery

This has also been done in hospitals and clinics where sham surgeries like the one performed in Finland on 146 knee surgery patients where some received surgery and the placebo group only received an anesthetic and air was blown into the knee, followed by stitches and bandages. They truly believed the surgery to be a complete success. So much so that a year later some of the “sham” knee surgery patients were completely healed and reported being able to dance and do other activities that were not possible before the “sham” surgery.

Also according to Dr. Dispenza, the people who received the “sham surgery” or the sugar pills were putting their faith, belief and acceptance in a doctor or the medicine or the procedure. Their body produced a chemical that caused spontaneous healing which could have only come from their own minds.

The Mind is the Greatest Healer

This proves that the mind has the wisdom and the power to heal itself with spontaneous healing.

So this begs the question can this form of healing be duplicated in the mind for other health issues? Can you teach people how to do it on a variety of health problems?

The answer is a resounding YES!

The 1-2-3 of Health

Dr. Dispenza says that there are 3 elements needed for this to happen:

1. Conditioning. Just like the conditioning that Pavlov’s dog received where a stimulus (the bell) was used to get the dog to salivate (response) in anticipation to get food (emotional pay-off). If you keep applying this stimulus over time, the organism becomes conditioned to the outcome.

2. E