Two years ago I released my ego using a variation of the Sedona Method and Release Technique, which were discovered by Lester Levenson, (Lester on  YouTube), a hero of mine. Lester was sent home to die after 2 major heart attacks in the 1950’s, still a young man, and being a physicist he did not settle for an early death when at home. He discovered that most illness is in the mind and held in the body as negative emotions, release those and you release at least most of the illness. His heart did in fact heal 100% and he passed eventually in 1994 after devoting the rest of his life to helping others release.

Almost a side effect of releasing these emotions is that the ego is released as well. What that means is that his higher self now had control of his emotions and not his lower self, survival mode ego. The ego is suited to survival, but it comes at a cost, lying, cheating and stealing are part of an ego’s repertoire. It is unnatural for someone who wants to live a moral life, so control must be wrest from it and given to our higher selves which are moral.

With the release of the ego comes peace, absolute peace as the egoic voice in your head that normally berates you at the slightest thing goes silent, and it keeps silent. Bubbles of joy come to you as well and life seems a lot easier to navigate from now on. In fact for the first 2 weeks of my releasing of the ego I laughed, just laughed for most of those first two weeks, it was such a huge release from fear and compromise in my life.

So, do you want to release your ego? Do you want a life that has a true moral compass? Do you wish to start really enjoying your life perhaps for the first time in your life?

I am going to do make a new Q-liminal in the next couple of weeks called ‘Release the Ego’. I think it will be a massive shortcut to actually getting the job of releasing the ego done in record time. It’s going to be a difficult one to make as the words used will have to have the effect of using your subconscious to let go of the ego. But it will be hugely rewarding when it works.