This is a complete change from our normal psychology posts.  The reason is that the world is under threat from private interests and private corporations telling us how to live our lives, giving us no control over how we direct our lives.

We as a people are under threat of extinction from all sides and law is a major one of those sides.

For the last 100 years what we think of as law is no such thing, it is code, statute, company policy in effect because most of the countries of the world have become corporations, so legal statute is company policy.

For instance the United States of America is a registered corporation in Washington DC.

When you go to court and come under the courts rules and statutes you are not under the law but you are in front of a private for hire ‘Judge’, effectively fooling you into thinking you are getting justice, you are not.

Law as in common law has been hidden from us for the last 100 years at least. Now though there are many people learning common law and getting their power back. Under common law you are the man/woman with the power and you are in charge in the court.

Karl Lentz is one of those people.  This video of Karl in the UK in December 2013 explains very simply what has been hidden from us.