This article is an extension of the thinking that went into our last blog about forgiving yourself.

The thinking was, can we take this even further and actively apply it to any area of our life that we wish to and get to peace in those areas.  The good news is you can and you can get to peace in your life more quickly than any way we have ever known.

We have not properly named it yet, but for the sake of expediency we have called it Rapid Release.

We have plenty of experience in current methods of releasing oneself, such as EFT, Abundance Method, Release Technique, 5th Way, Ho’oponopono and many others, but none have been pared down to their most simplistic and therefore their most powerful ways that the Rapid Release way is.

So what is it? It is a way to get to the core issues that affect every part of our lives and turn them around.

It can be used on weight, money, love, relationship, abundance and every area of your life including the day to day stuff that comes up. We recommend that you get the big stuff done first as that will have a huge impact on your life.  The one we recommend first is love of self.  We have been so taught to criticize what and who we are that the criticism then becomes second nature in every part of our lives.

Doing it is simplicity itself.

Start off by saying ‘I allow myself…..’  The bit you fill in is the bit you want to work on so for a biggie like self love it may be ‘I allow myself to be loved’.

And you will get resistance initially, feelings in your chest or body, or memories that come up, they are all resistance.

For the resistance you say ‘I forgive myself’. Keep saying it until the resistance is less then test again with ‘I allow myself to be loved’ for example.

Some examples that you can work on are:-

I allow myself to have all of the money I desire

I allow myself to become my ideal weight

I allow myself to have a great relationship with…….

I allow myself to be tired at bedtime tonight

I allow myself to feel happiness

I allow myself to feel successful

I allow myself to let go of…….

I allow myself to be charismatic

I allow myself to be loving

I allow myself to be kind

The possibilities are endless.  We have been using Rapid Release on people with past traumas that have resisted all attempts at healing and the results so far are amazing. We have broken through barriers that have resisted hypnotherapy, EFT and NLP.

This is a very simple method and as Walt Whitman said:

The truth is simple. If it was complicated, everyone would understand it.