Are You Tired of People Asking if You Are Pregnant or When’s The Baby Due? Stop Kicking Yourself! Lose Weight The Easy Way

What’s on your mind most after a few weeks of being on a diet? Food of course, it takes over your whole life.

The greatest problem for most people who diet is that they can’t seem to lose weight and keep it off no matter what we try.

The pounds always seem to come back shortly after the diet ends, and if we are really unlucky we get some extra pounds we never had before just for good luck.

There are so many diets out there and most need a regimented meal plan that can trigger deprivation in the mind of the dieter.

Dieting for weeks is very hard and when weakness sets in you end up in front of the fridge with a mouth full of food, as you clamor to get more food in.

If you are depending on willpower only, be ready to see it go right out the door because we all know willpower never works.

After Years of Failure

Millions of books have been written about how to lose those extra pounds.

None has properly and fully addressed the psychology of why we have no will power to stick with a diet or why we go back to old ways of eating, not only gaining back any pounds lost but also gaining back extra pounds?

The problem is, there are so many temptations that zap our willpower. Busy schedules and family commitments often make it harder to cook healthy meals and exercise.

So we end up getting take-out.

And the weight piles on.

As the years pass you by, standing in front of a mirror and watching your waistline get larger and your face heads south, it’s depressing and its time to make some changes. FAST!

By not addressing the mental and emotional aspects of permanent weight loss and by not straightening out our belief systems, we tend to put ourselves back in the doldrums of failure and defeat.

After years of dieting, even the healthiest of diets come with fear of failure, especially around holiday times when so many favorite foods including desserts are within arms reach.

Just picture yourself going to the beach with friends and family and wear that bathing suit with confidence. No more embarrassing social situations where you can’t seem to find an outfit in the closet that still fits! START YOUR PEACE OF MIND TODAY!

So where does that leave us?

Solutions That Work

There are solutions that do work and work very well. NLP (neuro linguistic programming), Hypnosis and EFT (emotional freedom technique), are great for resolving the emotions around why we eat and put on weight.

Hypnosis works great for single issues but it does have its downside. Costs can be expensive and you have to go to the hypnosis clinic to have the sessions.

NLP is also great but again expensive and you normally have to travel to see the therapist.

EFT (emotional freedom technique) is free and easy to use and is a tapping solution. There are many YouTube videos showing you how to use EFT and it is good for small issues.

Use the proven technology of Quantum Q-liminals. Easy, fun and you don’t have to consciously do anything except listen.

The Best Solution to Weight Loss is to Have Your Mind on Board First!

Quantum Q-liminals Be Thin – Amazing Energy makes it easier to stay on any diet while preventing relapses back into old eating patterns. Use the audios on their own or in combination with a diet.

Quantum Q-liminals Be Thin – Amazing Energy takes the dread, doubt and disappointment out of the equation.

Listen at night while in bed. Just put on the relaxing audios and drift off to sleep.

Enjoy playing over your speakers on a low volume while you work away at your computer.

Listen in the car.

Your unconscious mind will make food decisions based on actual hunger and not emotions.

Many people even forget to eat because they aren’t craving things to satisfy emotions.

Many have reported that some of their daily habits around food has also changed.

Questions People Regularly Ask

  1. I’ve tried many diets: Yes, most of us have and it’s frustration that bought you here today, the truth is you don’t need to diet as such, listen to the audios and your subconscious mind will make the choices you need to lose weight.
  2. I don’t have enough willpower: Not many of us do, willpower is great for a week or three, but then the temptations bite and before you know it you’re saying to yourself that one bite won’t hurt, then that becomes the inevitable avalanche.
  3. How do I know yours will work: Because it works on real people, people who have tried everything else and were on the verge of giving up.
  4. It cost’s too much: Most things seem to be expensive when you first look. But what are the real costs? How much does a lifetime of dieting cost? How much does poor health cost?
  5. How easy is it to do: Very, you just listen to the nature sounds and that’s it, the information is taken in by your subconscious and without you consciously knowing it, your eating habits change.


Doctor Lilly in Italy lost 40 lbs in 60 days after using “BE THIN”, “KILL SUGAR”, “FAST METABOLISM” and “STOP PROCRASTINATION.”

Others have also reported losses up to a pound per day by changing their mentality about food and dieting that takes out the dread, doubt and disappointment (See video testimonial).

Doctor Lilly reported that she works the ER on the night shift and would stop off at her favorite bakery in Italy for a pastry and cappuccino every day like clockwork.

After listening to the audios, she would forget to stop and not even miss it! We love hearing how the audios change people’s lives and help them reach their goals effortlessly!

Here is what Jane says:

Jane, London –

I’ve been doing the be thin q-liminal: Since listening my sugar cravings have definitely subsided, I no longer have the urgency to eat something sweet.

My appetite doesn’t seem to have changed much but then again it was never great (sugar was my weakness)! An odd thing has happened also….I seem to care less about my weight lol.

This is a wonderful freedom for me; gone is the self-loathing about my body.

In fact I had the funniest thought that I am alright and everyone else is obsessed about weight….even slim people (they are) lol…The other odd thing is; I look different…I like what I see…you’ve more chance of extracting my blood than you have of extracting this q-liminal Mark!

Shelly –

I have been using the Thin audio for about a week.

I have lost 3 pounds, but to me that is not the important part.

I feel so much better, it feels like my body is changing right before my eyes!

I look in the mirror and can see changes that I like! I am a faithful listener as I listen a minimum of once a day, sometimes when time permits, I listen twice.

I know that soon the weight will start to drop off without me even trying! That’s the part I am excited about! Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!

And Pam:

Pam, Detroit, MI: The FIRST time I used it (Saturday), I noticed a huge difference….I didn’t want anymore Easter Candy and actually put some jelly beans back in the bag that I had poured into my hand. I also noticed that I made CONSCIOUS decisions to chose better food the rest of that day.

I have started a new eating plan and the weight is falling off and it is the Be Thin that gives me the SUPPORT I need to do it…. THANK YOU MARK!

My friend is also struggling and called me this morning to complain about the scale and I told her how well it is working for me and she is ordering hers today!

Gotta run….having lunch with Dad and Sister at PF Changs and I chose them because I could make healthy choices there…won’t even look at the menu…I did it online before I made the reservation….lettuce wraps and soup! YAY