Are You Tired of People Asking if You Are Pregnant or When’s The Baby Due? Stop Kicking Yourself! Lose Weight The Easy Way

What’s on your mind most after a few weeks of being on a diet? Food of course, it takes over your whole life.

The greatest problem for most people who diet is that they can’t seem to lose weight and keep it off no matter what we try.

The pounds always seem to come back shortly after the diet ends, and if we are really unlucky we get some extra pounds we never had before just for good luck.

There are so many diets out there and most need a regimented meal plan that can trigger deprivation in the mind of the dieter.

Dieting for weeks is very hard and when weakness sets in you end up in front of the fridge with a mouth full of food, as you clamor to get more food in.

If you are depending on willpower only, be ready to see it go right out the door because we all know willpower never works.

After Years of Failure

Millions of books have been written about how to lose those extra pounds.

None has properly and fully addressed the psychology of why we have no will power to stick with a diet or why we go back to old ways of eating, not only gaining back any pounds lost but also gaining back extra pounds?

The problem is, there are so many temptations that zap our willpower. Busy schedules and family commitments often make it harder to cook healthy meals and exercise.

So we end up getting take-out.

And the weight piles on.

As the years pass you by, standing in front of a mirror and watching your waistline get larger and your face heads south, it’s depre