Quantum Q-liminals change you massively, they are incredibly easy to use either with or without headphones and they work rapidly according to the research with real people we continually carry out, there’s nothing to lose but there is a completely new life to gain.

There are 4 audios in each package, these include the Quantum Q-liminals, Quantum Rapid Injections and Quantum Brain Boosts plus as a result of our latest research Reversed Quantum Rapid Injections, which dig very deep into our non-conscious minds for rapid change. (Click on links below)

Quantum Q-liminals are designed to make your unconscious go from it’s normal state of less and low energy to having a truly abundant life. The audios elicit a search in your unconscious mind to find answers, answers that immediately put you on a path towards the goal you seek.  The audios use hypnotic techniques and are designed to go into the very deepest part of your non-conscious minds very quickly.

Quantum Rapid Injections are highly compressed audios using the same amount of information contained in them as the Quantum Q-liminals, i.e., around 4,000 pieces of information; specially designed and crafted information.  Whilst you cannot consciously hear the information in any detail, your non-conscious mind certainly can.  The information in the audios goes deep inside your non-conscious mind and instantly becomes part of you.  These audios are very powerful and life changing.

The information used is the result of many years of research and are designed to bypass the critical factor and immediately hook into your unconscious.  The non-conscious mind is where we get our dreams, desires, motivation and emotions from and it is where you change your life from.  You will never change by will power alone or by wanting to consciously. The non-conscious mind is the decision maker and when it is filled with positivity then the best will flow from it directly to your conscious mind, allowing your success to happen.

For many of us, we search for peace and joy in our lives. We do get little pockets of happiness generally but they are short lived. With the Quantum Q-liminal Packages that journey ends, they are designed to help you find lasting peace, joy and happiness. With the Quantum Q-liminal Packages happiness becomes your everyday experience. You feel truly free in your life, truly abundant.

If your health is not what it should be then our Quantum Q-liminals may kick-start your health right back where it should be and more, amazing energy is one side effect reported.

If you feel like all of your wishes and dreams have not happened, then our Quantum Q-liminal Packages may put your mind back on track for success, in as little as one or two listens.  It is extremely powerful.

If you are shy, not confident, then our Quantum Q-liminal Packages may put your mind back on a confidence track, nothing will faze you, everything will be taken in it’s stride. For once in your life and forever more you will feel on top of things.

If you want to lose weight but feel the old will-power slipping, then Quantum Q-liminal Packages may be just the thing to place your mind back to not really fussing over food, not even thinking about it until you are ready to eat. Many people report that food becomes secondary to their thoughts, and we all know how important food becomes when we want to restrict ourselves of it.

If you are a marketing and/or sales person but not getting all that you desire th