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Did you know the only way to change any aspect of your life permanently is by changing your deep unconscious mind first?

Did you know that by age 7 your personality was mostly formed and your mind stopped most new information going in?

Change became very difficult after age 7. Even if you are desperate for change now, it is still difficult.

You need something that will change you, and do it fast. But, most therapies do not get into the part of your mind that change takes place in, your unconscious mind.

Some do, like hypnotherapy and they work well, the only problem is they take a lot of time, money and commitment.

We found an easier way, a way that only requires listening to audios, a way that you can use while driving or working or doing anything, just have them on low in the background.

You don’t even need to pay attention.

You just change.

You’ll never find anything more powerful.

  • Does not contain binaural beats/tones or other non-permanent technology

  • Does not contain isochronic beats/tones or other non-permanent technology

  • Uses a brand new and unique (no-one else even knows how to do this) technology to directly influence and change the unconscious mind

All you hear is relaxing nature sounds such as the beach and some very soft voices in the background.


We all get stressed and anxious about things from time to time, and there are many times when we procrastinate when we know we really shouldn’t have.

A little bit of stress can be good for us because it gives us the impetus to spur us on to do better things.  Too much stress though stops progress in its tracks, it produces anxiety and that in turn demotivates us and we end up not doing things we know we should.

We procrastinate and because we have not done the things we should have that in turn causes more stress.

It becomes a vicious circle.

Quantum Q-liminals Stress, Anxiety and Procrastination are designed to get you to:

  • Change your life in as little as 7 minutes per day

  • Destroy Stress: feel better than you have in years

  • Feel fresh, relaxed and confident

  • Be relaxed in stressful situations

  • Start and finish your goals easily

  • Be relaxed in front of your boss, get noticed

  • Meet deadlines on time

  • Be relaxed with new people/strangers

  • Give great talks/presentations

  • Live an exciting life as you see past the stress

  • Jump out of bed excited about the day ahead

  • When everyone around you is losing their heads YOU feel awesome

Feel confident all of the time

How do we Change?

To change we need to change our minds, make our minds become happier and stress free, but we cannot do that with our conscious minds.  Saying affirmations does not work effectively, because those only touch the conscious mind.

To change we need to reprogram the non-conscious mind because our emotional make-up, our desires, our beliefs all come from the non-conscious mind.

Quantum Q-liminals use the science of epigenetics to make massive and rapid changes to the non-conscious mind.  Epigenetics tells us that we are no longer a slave to our genetic make-up, we actually control our genes (98% of them).  This is the very opposite of what we have been told all of our lives.

Epigenetics shows us how to re-write our minds and bodies very easily. And once we know how to do that we can change how we feel inside.

By changing the way we feel inside, by re-writing our non-conscious minds so that we lose our stress and anxiety our bodies then flood with chemicals and hormones that reflect this, and this in turn re-writes our DNA, we literally become a stress free person at the molecular level.

Imagine feeling happy, stress free, anxiety free and highly motivated right throughout your body and mind to the deepest parts of you.  What a fantastic feeling.

Quantum Q-liminals

Quantum Q-liminals Stress, Anxiety and Procrastination are designed to instantly kill all levels of stress and anxiety and to get you feeling motivated to do on time what needs to be done.  When you do not feel stressed or hurried you feel in control, life becomes easy and a great place to be.

We have used Quantum Q-liminals Stress, Anxiety and Procrastination ourselves extensively getting our business up and running and it really works. Deadlines become events to look forward to in the future.

Becoming a happier stress free you is no longer a dream never reached, you can have it rapidly and as easily as listening for 7 minutes a day.

7 reviews for Stress, Anxiety and Procrastination | Quantum Q-liminals

  1. debmnh

    I have been listening to these audios off and on for a couple of years now. When it was first promoted in 2014 I know I had great value from them then. I could feel myself tackling problems straight away rather then leaving them as I was so in the bad habit of doing.
    Now in 2016 I want to report that the effects of listening to them seem to have long lasting results. Back in 2014 I suddenly changed into a person who should not be LATE for anything. Since then, those habits have stayed with me to the point that it really irks me when I see others late for things that I am in attendance at.
    Nowadays I take into account road conditions whenever I have to travel away from my home town to appointments. It is amazing what used to not be important to me now is. In fact, I never used to think about road conditions – ever – when travelling. So whenever I know I have to be somewhere I have even gotten into the habit of setting my alarm for 3 alert times that are within a reasonable time before I need to leave so that if I happen to get busy, then suddenly the alert alarm lets me know – time to eat, time to get dressed, time to leave the house.
    Whether this can be considered an improvement on a bad procrastination habit I dont know,however, I am certainly attributing my better habit to just listening to these audios.

    • MD

      Thank you Debbie for the great testimonial. These audios also help me with deadlines.

  2. Natalie Ford

    I have only been using this a few days and I can already feel an amazing shift taking place within me. It gives you a positive buzz feeling that you know you can do all the work in good time and to a high standard too. I feel relaxed and calmer too about the challenges ahead with a feeling of acceptance and expectation rather than seeing these things as difficult or as a chore. This is definitely top of my list at the moment.

  3. David C.

    This audio alone has shifted paradigms for me.. I can’t express enough, the differences in my attitude as well as my performance in the office and in my personal relationships. It has increased my productivity in such a positive drastic way, that it still blows my mind to think that I didn’t even have to try to change my attitude, it just naturally became!

  4. Sandy

    These audios have really helped me to focus on what needs doing in my life. Now I am working on a project that I am really enjoying. I was full of anxiety before but that is gone now.

  5. Faythe M

    Listening to this, hearing the affirming words, helps to to KNOW that I CAN and WILL be able to get through, overcome AND triumph!

    Truly, life had a way of letting the ‘bad guys’ win and I felt powerless to change ANY of it! lol Mark has given me the ability to FACE the challenges while building up my strength to see it through! Yes, there is stress and anxiety… but they do NOT knock me down! Not any more!

    Thank you, Mark… and thank you, Qlims!

  6. Pam P

    I listen to this every day and even more if I am having a stressful situation. It has changed how I react to stress and gives me peace and ease. I no longer react to negative issues with anger and frustration like I used to!

  7. Sarsha

    I find this recording is my favorite. I will be working away on the computer with it playing in the background then I notice I am smiling and feeling good and relaxed. It is nice to feel good.

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