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Did you know the only way to change any aspect of your life permanently is by changing your deep unconscious mind first?

Did you know that by age 7 your personality was mostly formed and your mind stopped most new information going in that would change the parts of your personality you are now unhappy about?

Change became very difficult after age 7. Even if you are desperate for change now, it is still difficult.

You need something that will change you, and do it fast. But, most therapies are either too expensive or take years to make those changes.

Not anymore, if you want change now then you’ve arrived.

  • Does not contain binaural beats/tones or other non-permanent technology

  • Does not contain isochronic beats/tones or other non-permanent technology

  • Uses a brand new and unique (no-one else even knows how to do this) technology to directly influence and change the unconscious mind

All you hear is the sound of the ocean and some very soft voices in the background.


Study Genius – Learning Genius quantum audios are designed to get your brain working at superspeed safely and quickly. Study Genius – Learning Genius quantum audios assist your brain to make changes, we do not change you, you change you. Read on.

Are you studying for exams? Are you studying for a degree? Do you want to be smarter? Do you wish for a higher intelligence? Do you want your brain to light up like the sun when you need it to?


Did you know your brain is no different to Einsteins brain? You have the same neurons, connections and neurotransmitters.

So what made him a genius and other people not geniuses?

It’s thought that his brain fired more than other people’s brains and in more places he had more brainpower available than most.

But did you know his DNA was changed by his thoughts that so that he had an advantage? He believed he was a genius and so he was.

It’s true that he may have had an early natural advantage, but today with the ability to change the brain consciously that advantage is gone.

Become all you can be, it’s now a simple matter of listening to Quantum Q-liminals Study Genius – Learning Genius.


Most people think that your DNA is immovable and that is all you have, but science has proven that to be a myth, you can make your DNA code for genius, we’ve always had that ability. It’s called epienetics and we control it, either consciously (and we control how we change), or unconsciously (where others control how we are, usually fearful and miserable).

Our DNA tells the cells how to make hormones, chemicals and neurotransmitters and we control up to 99% of our DNA with our thoughts and beliefs, according to Dr Bruce Lipton, the discoverer of epigenetics.

The modern science of epigenetics shows us that our thoughts and emotions switches our DNA on and off, and makes our DNA code (or expression of that DNA) to be in line with our thoughts and emotions.

Our bodies are quite brilliant. Epigenetics shows us all the way to a new future, a better future, one not constrained by the science of old. Epigenetics is what we should have been taught in school.

So, with the above in mind, it’s easy to see how we can massively improve our IQ, because intelligence is coded in our DNA based on the emotions we feed it.

Study Genius – Learning Genius, the new you

This is exactly what happens, we are given new sets of beliefs about our intelligence via the Quantum Q-liminal Study Genius audios and our beliefs in turn switch on and express those part of our DNA to do with IQ.

We get you to become a Study Genius – Learning Genius by helping your mind do the work safely and quickly. All we do is help, your brain does all the real work.

It really is that simple.

Quantum Q-liminals Study Genius – Learning Genius audios are designed to get you to:

  • Raise IQ – learning and research become easier like never before

  • Become creative – come up with new and exciting ideas and concepts

  • Focus like never before – have you ever been able to read technical information while people are shouting or the television is on LOUD?

  • Concepts become easy – the big picture and the minute parts of concepts are easily grasped

  • Learning becomes easy – ever wanted easy straight A’s?

  • Become smarter – just reach out and grab it, it’s yours

  • Love research – no more ‘having’ to do things, from now on you want to do them

  • Love education – can you afford not to give yourself this gift?

Imagine being able to focus on subjects easily.

Imagine being able to see the big picture and the tiny parts of any concept.

Imagine breezing through your studies with ease.

Imagine wanting to study, and having more spare time as well.

Imagine being confident in any situation.

Imagine being massively creative from now on.

Imagine you being in control.

Quantum Q-liminals Study Genius – Learning Genius can help you rewrite your future.

2 reviews for Study Genius – Learning Genius | Quantum Q-liminals

  1. Stuart Mills

    These audios made my IQ jump enormously and the effect was almost immediate. My brain started tingling was the only way to describe it, then after a few hours I noticed my concentration was better and what was difficult to read before became easier.

  2. Sarah

    I have been listening to the Genius audio with great success. I passed my first module at University with a higher than average (and higher than I expected) mark. There are some chatterboxes in my class, and I am literally able to turn down the noise automatically, and just zone-in on the work I am doing.

    Interestingly, a few students have remarked that I am so zoned-out when I work, they have had conversations with me and I just haven’t replied (I didn’t know they were speaking to me!!!)

    I want to say thank you for this audio, my Teacher said I had done really well, and it has given me so much more confidence in my abilities. I was even motivated to do extra homework at home, even with the TV on in the background, I was able to whizz-through and produce some good work. Thank you ;-)

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