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Did you know the only way to change any aspect of your life permanently is by changing your deep unconscious mind first?

Did you know that by age 7 your personality was mostly formed and your mind stopped most new information going in?

Change became very difficult after age 7. Even if you are desperate for change now, it is still difficult.

You need something that will change you, and do it fast. But, most therapies do not get into the part of your mind that change takes place in, your unconscious mind.

Some do, like hypnotherapy and they work well, the only problem is they take a lot of time, money and commitment.

We found an easier way, a way that only requires listening to audios, a way that you can use while driving or working or doing anything, just have them on low in the background.

You don’t even need to pay attention.

You just change.

You’ll never find anything more powerful.

  • Does not contain binaural beats/tones or other non-permanent technology

  • Does not contain isochronic beats/tones or other non-permanent technology

  • Uses a brand new and unique (no-one else even knows how to do this) technology to directly influence and change the unconscious mind

All you hear is relaxing nature sounds such as the beach and some very soft voices in the background.


Do you hold your emotions in, your past hurts, old feelings about people?

Did you know that by the very fact of you holding them in that it changes your body chemistry for the worse?

Did you know that bottled up emotions are the number one cause of illnesses?

The science of epigenetics teaches us that your hormones and body chemistry will react to the way you are feeling and if you feel lousy then eventually that is how your body will feel permanently as you become ill.

If you have issues with someone else in the past and are still holding onto the pain and hurt the people involved do not feel your pain, you do. It’s the equivalent of a life sentence without parole.

And your body and mind will match permanently how you feel.

Quantum Q-liminals Letting Go – Peace at Last are designed to get you to:

  • Let go of the past

  • No more emotional baggage

  • Want for nothing – find peace

  • Lose the emotional bondage of wanting things

  • Live a simpler life

  • Hunger for nothing

  • No more temptation

  • Non-beneficial emotions shrivel and die

  • No more judging yourself or others

  • Let go of guilt

  • Let go of shame

  • Let go of dislikes

  • Live in peace

  • Live in tranquility

  • Live happily

  • Like yourself

  • Love who you are

So what’s the answer?

It’s easy in theory; let go of the past hurts and bottled up emotions.

In practice there are organizations dedicated to healing you emotionally that will cost you thousands of dollars and years to complete.

Eventually, given enough time, you will heal.

Is there a quicker way to do this?

Yes there is, it’s a matter of convincing your non-conscious mind to let go of the pain.

And that is surprisingly easy to do if you know the key to getting it done.

At Thriving Audios that’s exactly what we have done.

We have produced a system to rapidly heal your non-conscious mind and to get it to let go of the past hurts.

Quantum Q-liminal audio package Letting Go – Peace at Last dig deep into your non-conscious mind and in effect give it a clean sweep, ensuring you let go of the past and have complete peace in your life.

Imagine not having to constantly hold the pain of the past inside of you and have profound peace in your life at the same time? You can and now it’s easy to do.

3 reviews for Letting Go – Peace at Last | Quantum Q-liminals

  1. Natalie Ford

    I highly recommend this to anyone who is dealing with a recent emotional trauma. I felt a re-balancing of my emotions and have let go of a recent emotional upset as if it never happened. If I could come up with an analogy it was like a PC that you can reset to an earlier date, much like you do in a full system restore. And there was no effort involved!. I am definitely going to keep listening in order to eliminate any more of these ‘blips’ held in my mental/emotional system.

  2. Debbie Nicholson

    I have been an unwell person for many years and I have a daughter who unbeknown to her follows in my footsteps. No matter comes along I am sure to get it try as I do to not even think about it so as not to attract the dreaded bug’s attention. Some things I have even brought upon myself as major as necessary surgery!!!. When I started listening to these audios I started thinking about people in my past life who have abused me badly both physically and emotionally – and their impact on my life started to fade with these audios – it didn’t happen instantly as I would have liked, however, today as I write this I can even think of a particular person who had the most influence on destructive hurt to my mind and body and not feel intense hate as I used to. Obviously that intense hate has had a lot to do with my health over the years and through listening to these audios my inner consciousness has decided to allow peace to come into my life by not continually bringing it up n my face thus enabling me to attract more of the same yuk into my life by attacking the health of my body. I feel so healthy and energised now, my thoughts and emotions are far healthier. In fact, I felt a sore throat coming on and I just commanded it to go away and it did within seconds of my command. Over this past week, there have been a couple of conditions I have suffered for many weeks that have now completely disappeared. I am letting go of useless STUFF in my life and making way for something far more productive. I am very grateful to this particular audio for the much-needed help in this area when I was not even aware that I needed that help. Thanks you Mark and your team.

  3. Jason Thomas

    My dad died last month and I have had anger issues since then. I have been consuming a lot of alcohol too. I decided to try these subliminals as a good friend of mine suggested I use them.

    They have really helped me to let go of many of my issues and I feel much calmer now. I am going to continue using them and buy some other subliminals as well.

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