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Did you know the only way to change any aspect of your life permanently is by changing your deep unconscious mind first?

Did you know that by age 7 your personality was mostly formed and your mind stopped most new information going in?

Change became very difficult after age 7. Even if you are desperate for change now, it is still difficult.

You need something that will change you, and do it fast. But, most therapies do not get into the part of your mind that change takes place in, your unconscious mind.

Some do, like hypnotherapy and they work well, the only problem is they take a lot of time, money and commitment.

We found an easier way, a way that only requires listening to audios, a way that you can use while driving or working or doing anything, just have them on low in the background.

You don’t even need to pay attention.

You just change.

You’ll never find anything more powerful.

  • Does not contain binaural beats/tones or other non-permanent technology

  • Does not contain isochronic beats/tones or other non-permanent technology

  • Uses a brand new and unique (no-one else even knows how to do this) technology to directly influence and change the unconscious mind

All you hear is relaxing nature sounds such as the beach and some very soft voices in the background.


Quantum Q-liminals Be Thin – Great Body Image is designed to truly change your eating habits, your metabolism, your hormone levels and re-set your whole body so you feel awesome.

Quantum Q-liminals Be Thin – Great Body Image changes you inside so you end up with the body you have always desired.

We use the latest scientific techniques and clean out the old beliefs that keep you overweight. No more are you a slave to your hunger, because quite simply that will be gone forever.

You become a different person internally and that shows as massive change, you naturally lose the desire for ‘bad’ foods and your whole body changes.

Quantum Q-liminals Be Thin – Great Body Image are designed to get you to:

  • Lose weight permanently by using the most powerful weight loss method – the superpowers of your own mind

  • Watch as your body fat melts away

  • Stop those late night snacks

  • Marvel as your body magically changes

  • Love your new body

  • Have fantastic energy

  • Automatically forget to criticize yourself in the mirror

  • Automatically forget to eat those ‘bad for you’ food

  • Automatically desire the foods that nourish your body

  • Love your new wonderful life

  • Destroy those old dis-empowering habits

  • Create new fantastic empowering habits

Be Thin Easily

Quantum Q-liminals Be Thin – Great Body Image is designed to get you to completely and utterly change your beliefs and so become a healthy food eater and re-start your metabolism and because it uses the science of epigenetics (see the video below Biology of Belief), your body’s whole structure responds to this change as well.

Quantum Q-liminals are the solution you’ve been searching for.

Do you want that beach body now? Want to look in the mirror and see a great body instead of picking on some small area that you criticize?

Do you want to end the daily suffering of eating food that you feel guilty about afterwards?

There is no need for dysfunctional eating such as in the Dying to Be Thin Documentary because Quantum Q-liminals not only reset your food desires but also resets what you think about your body, you get to feel awesome all the time.

This video by Dr Bruce Lipton, does a great job of explaining what epigenetics is and just by altering your beliefs how you change the way you are because your beliefs do actually change your hormones, DNA, and much more.

But, you need to get to the source of where your beliefs lie, which is the unconscious mind.

Conscious mind cannot directly access your unconscious mind, so systems like hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming are used to get to the unconscious mind.

But we made it easy, you don’t even need to leave home, although you can listen while driving. And compared to going for hypnotherapy sessions using Quantum Q-liminals are very inexpensive.

It’s a win-win for you.

Has changing your life ever been so easy? Probably not.


Change your life, be thin, and have an unshakable great body image today.

8 reviews for Quantum Q-liminals Be Thin – Great Body Image

  1. Jane, London

    I’ve been doing the be thin q-liminal: Since listening my sugar cravings have definitely subsided, I no longer have the urgency to eat something sweet. My appetite doesn’t seem to have changed much but then again it was never great (sugar was my weakness)! An odd thing has happened also….I seem to care less about my weight lol. This is a wonderful freedom for me; gone is the self-loathing about my body. In fact I had the funniest thought that I am alright and everyone else is obsessed about weight….even slim people (they are) lol…The other odd thing is; I look different…I like what I see…you’ve more chance of extracting my blood than you have of extracting this q-liminal Mark!

  2. Shelly

    I have been using the Thin audio for about a week. I have lost 3 pounds, but to me that is not the important part. I feel so much better, it feels like my body is changing right before my eyes! I look in the mirror and can see changes that I like! I am a faithful listener as I listen a minimum of once a day, sometimes when time permits, I listen twice. I know that soon the weight will start to drop off without me even trying! That’s the part I am excited about! Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!

  3. Pam, Detroit, MI

    Pam, Detroit, MI: The FIRST time I used it (Saturday), I noticed a huge difference….I didn’t want anymore Easter Candy and actually put some jelly beans back in the bag that I had poured into my hand. I also noticed that I made CONSCIOUS decisions to chose better food the rest of that day.
    I have started a new eating plan and the weight is falling off and it is the Be Thin that gives me the SUPPORT I need to do it…. THANK YOU MARK!
    My friend is also struggling and called me this morning to complain about the scale and I told her how well it is working for me and she is ordering hers today!
    Gotta run….having lunch with Dad and Sister at PF Changs and I chose them because I could make healthy choices there…won’t even look at the menu…I did it online before I made the reservation….lettuce wraps and soup! YAY

  4. Dr Liliana, near Turin, Italy

    Dr Liliana, near Turin, Italy: I was told by one of my Skype friends Debra that Mark has interesting audios, the one that especially interested me was that one for losing weight. I have to admit that I was desperate. I have been gaining weight in the last 12 years, after a bad emotional experience and I found out that the weight was the way to protect me from BAD MEN.

    Although I was dissatisfied because I was alone… I felt empty and I felt also very heavy. It’s not easy to move all that weight around….
    I stated listening to the audio 10 days ago… everyday. Something changed.. really …. I found myself not thinking anymore of the food. Before, my thoughts were what to eat and especially sweet food. Now I go to the supermarket and I buy only essentials, my bill is also smaller as I buy only the food I really need…. I lost in 1 week 7 kg…. and I continue listening to the audio … every day. I am happy now. Thank you Mark.

  5. Dr Liliana, Italy

    Hello @ all, I have marvelous news. I started listening to the Q lims few months ago (In 60 days I lost almost 40 lbs) and I started losing the weight, then for some issues and maybe my resistences I got off and gained some of the weight. Last week I decided to start listening again and it was miraculous, I lost in 1 week (7 days) 6 kg… it’s somewhat like 13 lbs…. I listen everyday 4 audios, BE THIN, KILL SUGAR, FAST METABOLISM and STOP PROCRASTINATION. I am a medical doctor and I’ve been always fighting overweight. Last night I had a night shift and I usually in the morning use to go to the caffe Bar here in Italy. We use to do breakfast in the morning, croissant and cappuccino. I cannot resist it. Today I left the hospital and I even didn’t remember that I used to go for a breakfast. Simply I forgot it. It has never happened before in my life. It’s incredible. Really marvelous.

  6. Karen L

    I don’t know if this is why I’m losing weight, but I have noticed that the taste of my food is different after a few bites (less desirable). I’m not interested in eating more than a few bites. It seems I’m listening to more of my body signals about hunger, fullness and satiety. I’m seeing considerable changes in the 2 weeks that I have used them. Something is definitely working.

  7. Jeanne Reyes

    Yaaaaaay! I lost 5 lbs!!

  8. Natalie Ford

    It has taken several months to lose just over two stone and I have been really struggling to get the last ten pounds off for weeks when I wasn’t really over eating at all. This audio has given me the boost I need to change my eating habits whilst having the motivation to stick at it. My weight is now moving in the right direction and i’ve lost three pounds in a week already and I am finally confident that I can reach my ideal weight without it taking months again. This audio really is worth it!

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