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Did you know the only way to change any aspect of your life permanently is by changing your deep unconscious mind first?

Did you know that by age 7 your personality was mostly formed and your mind stopped most new information going in?

Change became very difficult after age 7. Even if you are desperate for change now, it is still difficult.

You need something that will change you, and do it fast. But, most therapies do not get into the part of your mind that change takes place in, your unconscious mind.

Some do, like hypnotherapy and they work well, the only problem is they take a lot of time, money and commitment.

We found an easier way, a way that only requires listening to audios, a way that you can use while driving or working or doing anything, just have them on low in the background.

You don’t even need to pay attention.

You just change.

You’ll never find anything more powerful.

  • Does not contain binaural beats/tones or other non-permanent technology

  • Does not contain isochronic beats/tones or other non-permanent technology

  • Uses a brand new and unique (no-one else even knows how to do this) technology to directly influence and change the unconscious mind

All you hear is relaxing nature sounds such as the beach and some very soft voices in the background.


Getting older is something that many of us do not look forward to, we look in the mirror and compare ourselves now to our younger selves and we become stressed about it.

We all want to feel younger, and I’ll bet we all wish we could go back in time and be younger.

Is it possible to do so?

Can we reverse the aging process?

Science is on our side on this, the science of epigenetics says we can.

Quantum Q-liminals Anti-aging  – Forever Young are designed to get you to:

  • Take your body and brain back to youthfulness

  • Regenerate your body and brain cells

  • Make you look and feel younger

  • Reverse the aging process

  • Restore youthful vigor

  • Your brains neuroplasticity as good as a childs

  • Create good health

  • Remove lines and wrinkles

  • Lose weight

  • Sharpen your mind

  • Speed up your metabolism

  • Rejuvenate your skin

  • Turn back the aging clock

  • Reduce cortisol, the bodies aging hormone

  • Feel vital and young

The science of epigenetics tells us that our brains, our thoughts, how we think of ourselves, our emotions control the very release of our youth chemicals and our DNA.

98% of our genes (the expression of our genes – the actual DNA that is triggered) are under our control, we can literally change who we are given the right mindset to do so.

Our thoughts control our feelings and our feelings determine the hormones and chemicals that our bodies excrete.  If we truly believe deeply enough that we are eternally young we could stop the production or aging hormones like cortisol and just excrete those youth hormones.

Imagine becoming younger, not older as we go through life.

Quantum Q-liminals Anti-aging – Forever Young is designed to get you to truly believe, without hesitation, without doubt, and therefore to become what you believe as epigenetics says will happen.  Your mind will be in control of the hormones your body needs to become younger, for your neurotransmitter and hormone levels to work optimally, for you to look and feel younger.

Quantum Q-liminals Anti-aging – Forever Young is designed to tap into those very areas so that your aging process is reversed.

5 reviews for Anti-aging – Forever Young | Quantum Q-liminals

  1. Natalie Ford

    After I listened to this audio, I have started to eat much better and to take better care of my health. I have always had good will power, but it has definitely flagged in the last year and I have been neglecting my diet quite a bit. I definitely feel it has given me my will power back, and now I am using good food as a solution to achieve good health and I can quite easily ignore the rubbish on supermarket shelves. Thank you very much indeed!

  2. Brigette

    My skin feels smoother and I’m sure the crows feet around my eyes seem less prominent today. I sure hope this works, it’s great so far and that’s after using them for about 2 weeks.

  3. Miles

    I have always been interested in gerontology. I am more used to buying the latest pill or powder for my continued anti-aging quest, but knowing the works of Bruce Lipton led me on a quest to find how to change the unconscious programs running that age me.

    After a week of listening it looks like I have found the best yet, I feel something shifting inside of me and I have a happier feeling inside, an expectancy of something good happening.

    I will be buying more of these audios.

  4. Jenny

    My skin feels softer, my hair looks thicker and I DO feel younger. These audios are great.

  5. Chelsea Lawson

    I have been using the qliminals, I like the 30 minute one on low when I am driving, and I feel younger for the last few days. My husband complemented me this morning on how great I look. Awesome!!

    I am going to start using the 10 minute rapid audios and the 5 minute ones as well.

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