Our Vision

I have not always been the expert on psychology that I am today, in fact, my early life was full of anger and I didn’t really understand why.

I  had good parents, my dad was in the army and so my brothers and I spent most of our early lives abroad, mainly in the Far East.  My mom is still alive but my dad died when he was 66, a very early age for someone so vibrant, outgoing, friendly and easy to get on with.

The official line is that he died of cancer but it was his heart that gave out because of the ‘conventional’ treatment of chemotherapy.

My mom is a wonderful person and a great mom.

When living abroad in the Far East we were subjected to a mass spraying every year of DDT to kill of the mosquito’s and it succeeded, mostly, at least for a few weeks after the spraying.  We were told to stay indoors whilst the spraying took place but the windows were glassless, they just had slats and bars, so it did not matter whether we were indoors or out, we caught the full load of DDT smoke.

Even then after the spraying we caught colds regularly and I had sore throats one after another for months afterwards.

I was a perfect athlete and swimmer when abroad, I was even picked to be in the Olympic qualifiers for breaststroke, front crawl and backstroke, my times were near the best in the world even at age 12.  Mark Spitz was my hero and I was determined to go up against him soon.

I was a straight A student abroad as well, but that went away as a fog descended upon my brain.

And when we left the Far East and came to live back home my brain and personality had changed, so had my brothers, we both were reckless, angry and ready for a fight with anyone at anytime.

I knew something was wrong with me, I was not like this when living abroad, so how come I’m all angry now.

My school grades suffered and by now my body was suffering but I am the sort of person who charges forward when adversity strikes.  So I went to the library and read my first books on vitamins, minerals and the books on the brain and psychology at 14.

And even to this day, many years later, health and mental well-being is my passion in life.

Although I didn’t do as well at school as I wanted to my appetite for learning about the mind and good health was voracious.

I learned to take vitamins and minerals to stave off the effects of the chemical poisoning and kept myself very active, I used to run everyday, I also played tennis, squash, became good at karate and ate healthily.


Eventually I decided to take up psychology and took 3 years taking a degree.

After that I studied NLP and hypnotherapy and set up business in those areas.

But this never sat right with me, people were coming in to see me but it was 8-10 people a day and I had a vision of helping many more people than that.

How about helping everybody all of the time?

A lofty goal if ever there was one.

Luckily in the last few years the internet has become the standard for communication and it’s now easy to get to massive amounts of people easily.

But how could we help millions of people?

Before I go into that I’ll explain something.

Mainstream Media

The media including movies, TV shows, adverts, experts on television, politics and news have been feeding us a biased view of the world.  It gives us a view of life that the people that control the media want us to believe, if  those techniques were applied to Russia for example we would call it propaganda.

Propaganda is insidious, it gets inside our minds and builds mental map of who we are and how to live our lives, the rules by which we all abide.

The trouble is those mental maps are not real, they are purely in the mind and they are a mental prison, from which we police ourselves mostly.

We have ended up with thousands of beliefs about what to eat, to wear, who to associate with, what to watch, even what we like to eat and drink.

We have been mind programmed to fit inside the box when in reality there is no box.

In effect we have minds constructed from someone else ideas and beliefs and that is not how things should be.

But most of us do feel that there is something wrong in this world, with it’s perpetual wars and food and water that contains chemicals that do serious harm to our bodies and minds.


Epigenetics is a science that is about 20+ years old.  It was discovered by Dr Bruce Lip