Here are 7 mind tricks you can use to get your own way. The techniques are manipulative so use them with discretion.

  1. Mirroring – follow along with someones body language and they will soon feel like they’ve known you for years. Don’t make this obvious though.
  2. Foot in the door technique – ask a small favor of someone and afterwards ask them for what you really want.
  3. Door in the face technique – ask for something big and then ask them for what you really want which is smaller.
  4. Misattribution of arousal – doing something exciting with a date, such as watching an emotional scene in a movie can mean your date equates with with that emotion, so make sure it is exciting and fun.
  5. Conformity – this is used a lot in the media and by politicians, you are told that everyone else is doing something such as coming into work on Sunday’s and because everyone else agrees/is doing it you feel compelled to go along.
  6. Introductions – get introduced first or last, not in the middle, that way you stand out.
  7. Swearing – mildly swear at the start or end of something, such as a presentation, it get’s you noticed and demonstrates passion.

Start using your mind tricks today, but play nice, people can be easily manipulated.