You have had your mind changed and shaped by media and television since you were very young.  When I say that to people I often get a negative response, ‘I have not, I make my own mind up’ is the response I hear regularly and variations thereof.

There has never been a time when we have not had bias and propaganda in all movies, TV shows and even cartoons and news.  We are literally bombarded with it.

Within 2 minutes of watching television we are normally in an alpha state, or suggestible state, and this is by design, this is not an accident.  When we reach an alpha state our critical faculties slow down and information can come to be accepted that may normally not  be.

Television could have been made so that no alpha state happens and governments could have banned the use of propaganda right from the start.  But they did not, because they are in on it as well.

I should warn you about your government as well.  Governments killed over 250 million of their own citizens in the last century, they are by far the biggest killers of their own people than any terrorist group. Shocked? I was when I was told this fact.

What we need is a healthy dose of discernment and some clear thinking – and with that in mind we made a great audio package: Quantum Q-liminal Discernment – Clarity of Thought

Here is a short video giving some details: