Imagine if you can lying on a beach, it’s hot, and you have an ice cold drink in your hand and a bank balance that says you have made it.  You feel good, so good in fact, you have not a care in the world.

It’s a fact that everything is vibrational energy, even atoms when they are super-collided have been found to be vibrations or energy waves (strings or quanta) at their very core, everything is simply energy. Even we, who are made up of atoms are simply energy.

Ever met a charismatic person? He/She’s giving off the vibrational energy of charisma.  And what is the vibrational energy of charisma? It is a set of feelings, that’s all it is, but it is a set of feelings that run so deep in that person that they seem quite natural and they are natural, but again, all they are is a set of feelings, vibrational energy.

The reason we do not have a set of feelings called charisma is that deep down our vibrational energy is giving off a different message, usually one of lack, of not having abundance.  And these feelings, getting back to the first sentence about being on a beach means we will not have the bank balance that allows us to lie on that beach sipping Mai Tai’s for the rest of our lives.

Can we change those feelings deep within us so that we can project a new set of feelings that give us the lives we wish for?

Before I answer that, let me ask you, have you noticed that when you meet charismatic or successful people who you notice there is something about them that draws you to them?  Like a magnet drawing you near, wanting to get some of that energy.

I noticed this effect in my youth and it is something that I always wanted to have for myself, give me some of your success energy, and this is what drove us to make Quantum Q-liminals, because it turns out you can change your personal energies and you can do it rapidly as well.

Here’s the catch though, just wishing to have those energies for yourself will not work. Ever.

The reason for that is that those energies have to come from deep inside at your non-conscious mind level and very deep within that non-conscious mind level as well.

But there is a way to do this rapidly.  Let me explain.

Quantum Q-liminals Manifesting Money & Financial Mastery is designed to help you to get those deep vibrational energies, and quickly.  They are designed to give you a new set of energies, in this case, those of being a money magnet, a financial success, a person who has opportunity beating down your door.

Quantum Q-liminals Manifesting Money & Financial Mastery is designed to take you from managing to mastery of your finances, to being a person of lack to one of true wealth and abundance.

The book on subliminal/hypnosis audios was re-written because we found there was nothing out there that could do this as quickly as we wanted it to happen.

Then we tested them extensively with lot’s of real people  just to make sure they delivered.  And they did, in spades.



  • Gina Mason:

    OMG!!! this really works!!! I started listening to these 2 weeks ago and today I received an unexpected bonus at work.

    This is so cool thank you.



    Ken Foley:

    I never buy lottery tickets but bought a scratch card yesterday and won £750.00. It may be this audio or the luck one that I bought at the same time but I’ve only been using them for a few days and I do feel different as if I expect money to come to me. Let’s hope theres mo