Getting lucky used to be thought of as something people were born with, but not any longer.  Getting lucky is easy now.

We all have known lucky people, I am considered lucky and this has reaped tons of rewards in the past, I have found loads of money, jewelry, even a solid silver chandelier once that had been thrown away.  I have had business opportunities that appeared out of nowhere.

So what makes a person lucky?

For that we need to look at science, in particular the science of epigenetics.

 The Science

Epigenetics is a wonderful but young science that tells us we have control of our genes and DNA.  No longer are we held captive by the idea that what we are born with is our lot.

Epigenetics tells us our minds have control of up to 98% of our DNA and genes, and that is a huge amount.

The problem for us is we do not know how to use our minds, we are like children at controlling our thoughts and emotions.  And for epigenetics to be under our control we need to learn how to do that.

There is a second problem, the parts of the mind we need total control of include the non-conscious parts.  And if we do not transform our thoughts and beliefs in our non-conscious minds then change will not happen, not lasting change and that is what we need, lasting change.

New Frontiers

Every atom, every molecule vibrates at certain frequencies, even our bodies vibrate at certain frequencies.  Farmers have known this since the 1950’s when they would go over their crops using transducers (types of speakers) that vibrate at certain frequencies that would literally vibrate the targeted insect species to death, no pesticide needed.

And so it is the same for everything, everything vibrates at certain frequencies and when you know that frequency you can do magic, or make things turn to jelly as in those unfortunate insects.

Did you know thoughts have frequencies as well, Dr Emoto from Japan spent many years studying the effects of thoughts on water molecules.


How to get Lucky

Luck is a belief or a set of thoughts and therefore has a frequency or vibration.  But that is part of the picture, your non-conscious mind and your DNA and genes need to be infused with that luck and that is where epigenetics comes in.

When you truly believe that you are lucky in every fiber of your being, including your non-conscious mind then you are lucky and the magic happens.

When you truly believe you are lucky your whole body gets flooded with chemicals, hormones, neurotransmitters that literally re-write your DNA and genes with the frequency of luck.

Ultimate Luck | Quantum Q-liminals is the essence of pure luck contained inside audios.  We spent a long time researching what makes a person lucky, researched all of the factors, including hidden factors such as beliefs based around luck but not directly involved in lucky feelings and captured the very essence in those audios.

If you wish to have the same lucky feelings then use the audios and start to feel lucky now.

Be lucky.