Today we are going to show you how to become younger, live longer, feel vibrant and genuinely happy, and to achieve all of this very easily.

We are told that our genes are fixed and we are on a path from baby to teenager to adult to old age to death and there’s nothing we can do about it.

But is that correct?


No it’s not. The young science of epigenetics tells us in no uncertain terms that our minds control the function of our genes and DNA, up to 98% control.  The trouble is we do not know how to do that yet, we are babies in controlling our own minds.

When we are happy our bodies produce hormones, chemicals and neurotransmitters that reflect that happiness and even our DNA express chemicals for happiness, this is because our DNA is constantly being re-written.  And vice versa when we are unhappy the same happens but in reverse, our DNA gets re-written to reflect that.

Epigenetics means above genetics and it means that we do have control of our genes and the programming of our DNA, we just need to find a way to do it easily and quickly. We need to get to our non-conscious minds.

Here is a video with Dr Bruce Lipton and Dr Wayne  Dyer talking about the exciting science of epigenetics and it’s possibilities, this is a fantastic video:


As you can see you need to access the non-conscious parts of your mind and that is a problem for most people.

You can access your non-conscious mind via hypnotherapy and subliminal audios but they have their own problems and they are not fastest way to change, not any more.


Anti-aging, longevity or gerontology is a fascinating science in itself, much has been written about it and there are some ways that are proven to slow the aging process.

Low calorie intake is one way, it has been shown that when calories are reduced by 40% of normal that life span may be increased up to 40% but only when carbohydrates are severely reduced, the percentage of good fats and protein being the main bulk of the calorie restricted diet.

Many herbs and pharmaceutical drugs have been touted as the latest and the greatest life span extender, but they all have come up short on evidence, although some herbs appear to have fantastic potential for the future.

It’s a fact that the longest living people today are those with the least amount of stress in their lives.  So reducing stress is a must on any anti-aging regime.

Apart from lowering stress the mind in anti-aging has been mostly overlooked but it is the starting place for living a long and happy life. In fact using epigenetics longevity could be controlled entirely by the mind, if only we knew how to control our minds.

In fact using the science of epigenetics and the insights it brings allowed us for the first time to produce audios that are designed to actually get deep into the brain, the genes and the DNA.  When your whole system is changed for longevity then expect longevity and a happier life.

Quantum Q-liminals

Thriving Audios Quantum Q-liminals Anti-aging package uses the science of epigenetics to produce rapid change, to change the wiring in your brain, change your mind and re-write your genes and DNA.

This is a huge step in the search for longevity, of course we are continually researching and developing new ways to make these changes, but for now it’s probably the best thing out there. They are easy to use and the changes are designed to be rapid.

Quantum Q-liminals are designed to:

  • Prevent aging
  • Make you feel young again
  • Smooth your skin
  • Make the years drop away on the outside
  • Make you young again on the inside
  • Get your body return to your youthful self
  • Add wonderful vibrant years to your life

When your body and mind change, and you change, that can’t come soon enough.

Take a look at the Quantum Q-liminals Anti-aging – Forever Young package now, change your life.