Does the law of attraction work? Many celebrities believe it works and it works for them every single day.

The secret is believing it does because you attract what you believe you are.  And the second secret is to believe that whatever it is you wish is already with you, you already have it, whether it be the relationship of your life, money, success, happiness.

Just believe you already have it and it shall be so.

Here’s the catch, we are always attracting, there is never a time that we are not, so it’s no good thinking about your new life for just a few  minutes a day, but to live your life as if you already have it.

Pretty soon your desire will override the times that you are not attracting having it, and then the magic happens.

It’s a simple concept but you have to guard your mind as most of us have that little voice commenting on everything all the time and it’s that voice that stops the law of attraction many times.

Here is a short video showing clips of celebrities talking about how the law of attraction works for them: