From the book Working with the Law by Raymond Holliwell.

This is the 2nd law, but it is so good and so direct we thought we would give you the transcript of this short video describing how the law of attraction really works.

Hello and welcome to Another Time To Grow, and today we are going to be looking at the 2nd law in Working with the Law, and it’s Holliwells take on the law of thinking.

And like I’ve done the previous 2 days I’d just like to read you a brief excerpt from this chapter.

Holliwell says:

If we take the thought of success and keep it in mind the thought elements will be attracted for like attracts like.

We are mentally drawn to the universal thoughts current of success and these thought currents of success are existent all around us.

We’ll physically contact minds who think along same lines and later such minds will be bought into our lives.

Therefore, successful minded people help success come to them.

That is how successful living is founded. The law of the mind is in perpetual operation and it works in both ways.

People who dwell on thoughts of failure or poverty will gravitate towards like conditions.

They in turn will draw to them people who accept failure and poverty.

On the other hand we can think on positive conditions on success and plenty and in the same manner enjoy full and plenty.

What the mind holds within takes the form in the outer world.

Some think that we must deal with two forces, that is to attract the good we must do away with the bad.

But that’s not true, for example, if we are cold, we do not work with cold and heat alike in order to get warm. We build a fire and as we gather round that fire we enjoy the heat that is extended from it and become warm.

As we build up warmth the cold disappears, the cold is the absence of heat.

To be warm we give our whole thought to those things which tend to create warmth.

We ignore the cold in thinking of heat and bringing forth heat.

Prosperity and poverty are not two things. They are merely two sides of one and the same thing. They are but one power rightly or wrongly used.

We cannot think of plenty and then worry about the unfavorable conditions that may seem apparent.

We think about plenty and as we think of it lack, it’s opposite will become absorbed and disappear.

All our thoughts must be directed to that one thing which we desire in order that our desire may be fulfilled.

Our method is not manipulating two powers, not dealing with good and evil, right and wrong, prosperity and poverty, but as we follow the law of good and dwell upon that which is good we shall bring to pass all good things.


Law of Attraction – Dreams Come True