Stress is a threat to our mind, body and health.

Many say it’s not the stressor (pressure) itself, but how we manage the stress. It’s how we decide to deal with the stresses in our lives.

Face it there will always be pressure from job, noisy children.

Continual stress not only makes us wrinkle up and age faster, but it also has a huge impact on our health. We have heard it said time and time again that stress is the number one killer.

How so?

You may have seen those cortisol commercials on TV. The one with the growing tummy getting larger and larger with daily stress.

You  maybe asking yourself, what’s that all about?

Well two things are for sure. There is the power of suggestion in that commercial where you think to yourself, yes, I have a lot of stress and yes, that would make my cortisol high just like it says and so you can deduce from that commercial that high cortisol will make your tummy fat.

But is the power of suggestion, a form of hypnosis enough to make me fat after watching that commercial?

The sciences of epigenetics says it is not only possible, but is most likely a huge reason in your weight gain. Epigenetics teaches us that our minds are the number 1 controlling factor in whether we stay healthy or dive headfirst into the pit of ill-health.

When we have positive thoughts and beliefs then we secrete hormones that keep us healthy but when we have negative thoughts and beliefs then we secrete powerful hormones such as cortisol that eventually drag us down into ill-health. These hormones and other chemicals produced by our bodies change our DNA, they literally switch on and off our genes.

Dr Bruce Lipton explains things well here:


Cortisol is an anti-stress hormone that we secrete when under stress and it does a great job at doing that but if we continually secrete cortisol then we will feel the effects of stress more even when the adrenal glands are pumping out huge amounts of cortisol and we will get ill. Cortisol wears down and ages the body dramatically if left unchecked.

If so what can you do about it?

Lets think about how we think about stress. We’ve been trained by external forces, our parents, teachers, news, and any other number of influences to view stress as something that happens to us and is out of our control.

But it’s not, how much cortisol we release is under our minds control.

Let me explain:

The potential for stress is all around us but it is how we react to that potential that determines whether we release cortisol or not. If we have a positive outlook on life and a great set of beliefs about what we should do in any situation then our brains do not send the message to release cortisol to our adrenal glands.

We stay healthy, happy and positive even under enormous amounts of stress, we shrug it off and get on with things.

But, we need to have minds that are on the positive end of the spectrum and for most of us that is an impossible task.  From birth the news has been bad, movies and TV shows are mostly about negative things and even politics is about keeping the bad things from happening.

So we have ended up with a mind full of negative patterns and beliefs and the moment stress comes along we dive right in.

It’s a vicious cycle from which many never escape.

What we need to do is have a new set of beliefs, ones that empower and invigorate us so that even under pressure we see that pressure as an opportunity for growth and not something to keep us down.

We need to get better at controlling our minds. We need beliefs that empower us and ensure that when pressure does raise its head.

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