A bit of Neuro-linguistic Programming for you today.

We all have memories that do not serve us well, and wouldn’t it be great to get rid of the emotional content that goes with those memories.  You can, and pretty quickly as well.

Imagine your memory you would rather not have, an unhappy one.  Is it sounds, pictures, feelings?  A mixture of all three?  Do the pictures run as a movie, frames of pictures, or just a couple of pictures? The same with the sounds?  Where is the picture and sounds located, near you, away from you, in color, black and white?  Bright or dim?  Where are the feelings located in the body – where do they move to in the body (feelings rarely stay still for long)?  Get as much information for the memory as you can.  It should only take a minute or two to do this.

Now think of a time you have been extremely happy.  If you have never been extremely happy then imagine ‘as if’ you were extremely happy.  Do the same thing you did with the unhappy memory, it should take a couple of minutes to really immerse yourself in it.  Really ramp up the happy emotions in this experience, really feel it.

The happy memory will have key differences with the unhappy memory.  It may be brighter, louder, have color, and the feelings should be different as well.  Remember where these parts of the memory are.

Now, take the unhappy memory and place it in the same place with the same pictures, sounds and feelings as the happy memory, in other words swap places from the old to the new.

Do this 4-6 times rapidly, as fast as you can. Then review the old memory.  You will find that it has changed dramatically.

Do this with all of your old unhappy memories.