The paranormal, or that which we do not have an answer for, has interested me my whole life.  For the first 12 years of my life I had visions, feelings and strong memories of me being in another body in another time.  Needless to say, those memories had a bad ending attached and gave me more than a few nightmares at that time.

There is the ability with hypnosis and with hypnotherapy to be able to take the client back to beyond their earliest memories and into memories of another existence, and this is called past life regression.

But, why would you want to do that?

Well, if all treatment for conditions for anxiety, or depression fail, it can be used to see if there is something ‘beyond’ this current life that is influencing the clients health in this life.  Many hypnotherapists and psychiatrists are actually using this method today and the results are staggering.  Depression, anxiety, physical deformities even clear up in minutes.  Why?  Well, the thinking is that when you see the cause of your current ailment in your past life then the reason for holding onto it unconsciously evaporates and rapid healing takes place. Past lives affect us in this life especially if traumatic events took place that left issues that were not resolved.

Psychiatrist Dr Brian Weiss, found this out during a normal regression session with a patient, back to her youth, that suddenly she was in a time approximately 1900BCE.  After multiple sessions with Dr Weiss she was healed of her conditions.

But this left Dr Weiss perplexed and he past life regressed patients regularly after that but a little skeptically.  After being given information to him from patients that only he knew he became convinced.  Information was also given to him from other ‘people’ as well, sort of tutors for our spirits in the between life state.  He has written books on the subject and it is astounding and it fell in line with what I experienced as a child.

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Dr Brian Weiss

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