What is hypnotic language?

Hypnotic language are words, phrases or tonality in the voice that can alter the state of consciousness, and you would be surprised, at how many words and phrases can do that. Words such as ‘now’, ‘immediately’, ‘quickly’, ‘faster’ are used as hypnotic words to apply subtle pressure to get the client into a confused or overloaded state.  Having an overloaded conscious mind allows the unconscious to receive directly any information coming in without the critical factor of the conscious mind.

You may have seen card tricks on the television, where the magician says ‘pick any card, quickly, any card’, or variations of that.  It is designed to overload the conscious mind and allow a pure unconscious choice in the card picking.

Other phrases such as ‘I wonder if……’, ‘Can you imagine…….?’, ‘You don’t have to……’, are all designed to get the conscious mind to go on a search and leave the door to the unconscious open.  The unconscious is where the magic happens in hypnotherapy.

The use of the phrase ‘That’s right’, has been popularized by Milton Erickson, who is considered the father of indirect suggestion, using whatever the client comes in with, their language, their perceptions and feeding them back to the unconscious in a form that heals them.  Because we as human beings want to feel like we are doing the right thing when we learn new information (and learning trance is new information), using the term ‘That’s right’ will enable the client to feel comfortable and go into a deeper trance, much more quickly than traditional methods.

These are some of the hypnotic words and phrases used in hypnotherapy, by politicians and by advertisers as well.  Realize that we are being bombarded with these and many more phrases every-time we turn on the TV or watch a movie. In hypnotherapy these phrases are useful for healing, but on TV they are being used to manipulate you.