Bob Proctor talks about how once information gets into our non-conscious minds then it is accepted as fact.

This is very true, the unconscious mind cannot differentiate between fact or fiction and accepts everything it is given.

The trick is to get the information into the unconscious mind, because we have a gatekeeper that keeps most information out.  The gatekeeper is called the critical factor in hypnotherapy and it prevents us from taking most information in, because if we did not have this gatekeeper then all information would go in and totally confuse us and we would not be able to function properly.

Of course if it were easy for us to get the correct information into the unconscious mind then none of us would have any problems and we would all be living happy lives because we could reprogram our minds at will. Sadly most of cannot do that and we need a little help.

It’s a good short video and Bob does a good job of explaining the unconscious mind and to take it further using a system such as Quantum Q-liminals would make sure that the right information is placed into the unconscious mind so that we can live the lives we desire.