Debbie Nicholsons talks about how we can best use Q-liminals, Rapid Injections and Brain Boosts to really take charge of our own health, both mental and physical.

Since I found the 5 Minute Brain Boosts I have really gone into what all of this new method of retraining our brains is all about. I thought you might be interested in this little tidbit that I found as to what basically makes up these Q-Liminals, Rapid Injections and 5 Minute Brain Boosts.
It all has to do with how you perceive yourself. I have always thought of myself as a spiritual being having a human experience. I am not really sure when I had my first cellular memory experience as described by Dr Deepak Chopra. I think it was when I was first introduced to the Healing Code by Dr Alex Lloyd and the healing of his wife from the lifelong depression that she was never up till then able to master. I live my life as spiritually as I can given the circumstances in which I find myself and the people with whom I hang out. From that point I knew that all personal knowledge, all intelligence is stockpiled so to speak deep inside the basic cells of our body. Without realising it, we all seek a vibration that matches ours and when that happens, those very same cells begin their release of what makes up our very own true self.
Further along in my research I found hidden in my favourite book in all the world — my Bible — codes that when put together with the 6 Solfeggio frequencies produce an intonation that appeals to each of us deep down. And this is how Q-Liminals, Rapid Injections and 5 Minute Brain Boosts came to be.
Being an artiste, my nature is highly sensitive to the ancient harmonic chanting, the call of aquatic birds, and the echoes of wildlife in all their various forms. The healing nature of these sound frequencies restored to us today is attributed to Dr. Leonard Horowitz and his book Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse. Thank you to those who have added to and brought us the Q-liminals, Rapid Injections and 5 Minute Brain Boosts.