Let’s face it exercise is hard work.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  You can be motivated to want to exercise for the rest of your life and finally it’s easy and takes no effort.

The Problem With Exercise

The problem with exercise is that with the best intention in the world unless you have a will of steel after a while the motivation can drop.  Suddenly there are a million things you have to do before you can get down that gym or do that jog.  Then there are movies to watch, TV shows that are new and exciting, so much to do and so little time for exercising.

But underneath we know the real reason for suddenly finding other things to do before exercising, it’s because our motivation has dropped.

There are some good reasons that our motivation may have dropped, we may have over-exercised in an attempt to get quick results and our brains and body are telling us to back off before we cause some damage, and that’s a good thing, we don’t want to damage ourselves.

But mostly we lose motivation because exercise is just plain hard to do regularly 3-4 times a week, week in and week out.

Getting Motivated

So how can we get motivated?

We can get motivated from:

  • Exercise videos

  • Friends who exercise

  • Internet

  • Exercise magazines

  • Personal trainers

The above list is not exhaustive and many of the above methods do work, but they all have problems.

The motivation relies on some external method or thing.  They may motivate you for a while but eventually you will again lose the motivation.  You have to find a way to internalize the feelings of exercise motivation.

It has been found that to get a habit takes 30 days, so using the above ways to get motivated for 30 days may get you into habit mode, it depends entirely how you view those 30 days.  Were they a great 30 days, really enjoyable or just something you slogged through just to get it done.

So gaining a good exercise habit is not just about the length of time you do it, it’s also about your internal dialogue (‘Do I like doing this?’) and the sense of achievement you get by exercising.

The Non-conscious Mind

You have 2 minds, a conscious mind and a non-conscious mind.  The non-conscious mind can also be split into different areas as well, but for the sake of simplicity let’s just say broadly we have 2 minds.

To become motivated to want to exercise as often as it takes you need to access and change your non-conscious mind.  I’ll explain.

The conscious mind contains your willpower and that can take you far in terms of motivation, at least for a while, it’s like the runner starting at the sound of the gun, we can give ourselves a great big boost, such as our New Years Resolutions, but it will wane and you will be come less motivated as time goes on unless you get that sense of motivation fixed firmly into your non-conscious mind.

The conscious mind can be likened to a rider on an elephant, the elephant is the non-conscious mind.   While the rider is in control all is well, the elephant will go where the rider wants him/her to go to.  But as soon as the elephant has an idea of what it wants to do (most of what we do is initiated in our non-conscious mind), then the rider is only along for the ride and can little but wait it out.

To become motivated to exercise long term will take a change of the non-conscious mind.

How to Change Your Non-conscious Mind

There are a few ways to change your non-conscious mind:

  • Hypnotherapy

  • Hypnosis audios

  • Subliminal audios

  • Affirmations

  • Tapping therapies

There are many more than this, but this is a good list.

Affirmations are the weakest way to change your non-conscious mind in the above list, you can affirm for hours per day and some of it will go in but not too much.

Hypnotherapy does work and it is very effective when used properly, but you need to travel to the hypnotist and it costs quite a bit of money long term.

Hypnosis audios do not work effectively long term, I have addressed that in past blogs. They will work the first few times you listen, but after a while we are second-guessing what is being said on the recording or we become bored with what is being said and unlike a hypnotherapists office where the hypnotherapist can change things around to get good depth of trance, that will not happen with a hypnosis audio as it is just a recording.

Subliminal audios work well, at least the ones I found that actually appear to have something on them, many that I took apart went down to the hiss, (the noise-floor) and there did not appear to be any words I could find.  More than anything else the majority of subliminal audios have disappointed me.

Tapping therapies are cheap and excellent, once you learn the basics you can tap away until your hearts content and you could tap your way to motivation.  But it may take a good while to do so as you may have to get through a lot of other non-conscious baggage before you get to tackling the motivation aspect. And that may be a good thing, as you end up with many other areas of your life being better as well.

But they are all relatively old technology so it was inevitable something newer and better comes along.

Quantum Q-liminals

I’ve always felt that Quantum Q-liminals came about as an evolution of existing ideas along with a healthy dose of original thought from us.  We stand on the shoulders of other so to speak and I’m sure that one day someone else, us if we are lucky will come up with something is that leaps and bounds better than Quantum Q-liminals in the same way that these products appear to be leaps and bounds better than the other products currently out there.

Quantum Q-liminals do not use the traditional affirmations as it’s core way of getting information in, it uses other methods, other uses of words that go very deep into the non-conscious mind and make fast, permanent and easy change to those parts of the mind that need changing.

Words create pictures and it is pictures that the non-conscious mind loves to use as it’s language.  These word pictures and other uses of language create a search in the non-conscious mind called a transderivational search in hypnotherapy that literally means the brain looks for it’s own meaning and acts on those.

Old connections in the brain break down and new strong pathways are built, and Quantum Q-liminals do make this happen very quickly.  Our extensive testing with real people for the last 3 years shows us that change can happen very rapidly using these audios.

Quantum Q-liminals use the science of epigenetics to literally re-write your DNA so that both body and mind are in complete agreement about what it should be doing.

Did you know our thoughts and emotions are re-writing our DNA all of the time and that 98% of our genes are under our minds control?  But it is the non-conscious mind that is doing most of the controlling, so we need to change that.

And that is what Quantum Q-liminals do, they change minds which in turn re-write your DNA for massive change and success.

Quantum Q-liminals Exercise audio package creates change so that you feel motivated in powerful ways, in ways that ensure you will always love to exercise now and in the future.

Once your mind and body want to exercise, are highly motivated to exercise then there really is no stopping you, you will exercise.


Debbie Nicholson – Since listening to this particular audio and each of its supporting parts I would like to let people know that no longer am I a slave to my work on my computer. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to just compose paragraphs of great wisdom and knowledge while sitting for many hours at a time at my computer, however, in the back of my mind I KNOW that I must move my body otherwise I will eventually end up being stuck to the very comfy chair, at the same time as develop a growing backside for not moving around. These audios have really helped me just for no apparent reason other than I want to, get up and do stuff like prepare meals or do the dishes or make the bed or just have a walk around in the fresh air. Before listening to these audios I used to find all of that “stuff”a real big CHORE that was to be avoided at all costs. Now I find myself moving around a lot more and not feeling like I am abandoning my work. I come back refreshed with new ideas and feeling great about having spent some time away to just give my brain a little rest. Not having a family to run around after, one tends to just sit and do what one is interested in doing, Now my inner self ALSO allows me to enjoy activity just as much.

Christy L. – I’ve been sitting behind a desk and had put on a lot of extra weight. I bought this audio set a month ago and listen to the beach sounds on low while I work. I’ve been motivated to exercise and do daily walks in the evenings when I get home. I believe this is because of the audios since I don’t like exercising. I not only have dropped a few of the pounds, but I really look forward to my workouts and evening walks. I really love these audios.