Last time, we showed you how to release from the r-complex.  You should have had dramatic results doing that, but, it is not the entirety of the areas to release in the brain, there are two more areas.

Today, we are going to release on the fear center of the brain, and this will bring peace into your life, perhaps for the first time in years.



The amygdala is about 1 inch behind the temple at about the same plane.  This almond sized part of the limbic system is responsible for holding fear.  It is superfluous for all intents and purposes, and it does not prevent flight, fight or freeze responses when released on.  It just prevents inappropriate fear that most people seem to walk about with these days.  The news on TV, radio and the variety of other bad news we are bombarded with daily keep most of us in fear and we then have no peace or lasting happiness in our lives.  I will say that the majority of the news we get is manipulated to stimulate fear into us by design, but the tale of that is for another day.

The rear of the amygdala is the area of fear and that is where to place the vacuum hose.  I used to do the r-complex and the rear of the amygdala at the same time, they both seemed to flow naturally into the tube and out of my brain.

You do not have to be too accurate with all of this tubing out of the energy, just fix in your mind approximately where each part is and vacuum it out, your mind will know where to go and do trust your minds ability to help you to do this.

Best of luck doing this.  We will do another part early next week and by then you should be a different person